Five Dodgers Test Positive for COVID-19 Within 10 Days of World Series

The latest news from the sports arena says that five Dodgers test positive along with a family member. The Los Angeles Dodgers Association and County Department are further confirming the news as authentic. The latest disclosure comes within two weeks of Justin Turner’s COVID positive report. The team played the sixth game of the world series when the third baseman learns about his report.

There is still no clarity regarding the inclusion of Justin Turner in this group of five people. However, a source close to the team reveals that all five who have tested positive are among the ones who were outside the bubble. It seems that all of these people were already experiencing some symptoms while they were in Arlington, Texas. It is essential to mention that source who is revealing the information has requested anonymity in this context.

According to the Los Angeles County Department’s recent statement, the Dodgers Organization works with them despite the outbreak. Surprisingly, the Department of Public Health does not identify any of the five people who test positive on Dodger’s website. However, the Dodgers Organization denies any comment regarding the whole incident. Moreover, Major League Basketball reveals that they are still unaware of such an outbreak.

Five Dodgers test positive after Justin Turner’s reports

After Turner got to know about his positive results, he pulled out of the game on October 27. It was in the middle of the eight innings of the World Series. However, people saw him return to the field after the Dodgers won against Tampa Bay, securing the victory trophy. It is the first Series win of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 32 years. However, Turner’s appearance on the field arouses so much controversy. Moreover, a viral video shows him pulling down his mask while taking part in the victory celebration.

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According to sources, there will be no disciplinary action against Justin Turner for his field appearance. It is because the team members were actively encouraging him to leave isolation and join them. Turner also says that at least two of the team employees allowed him to go to the field. Moreover, he says that the teammates believe that they are ready to face the consequences because they were already in close contact with Turner a few days back.

Altogether, what is the use of a penalty or punishment when the team and management accept his field appearance? However, a management member says that people who are criticizing are not wrong at all. But the whole thing was indeed a miscommunication, and Turner, of course, does not want any harm.


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