Neymar Tests Positive for COVID-19 subsequent to Ibiza Yacht Vacation

Neymar tests positive apparently after going on a Yacht vacation. He was holidaying in Ibiza but had to soon quarantine himself due to his positive report.

The pro soccer club, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), informed that Neymar, including three members of the team, was positive. But the club didn’t give out the names. However, it was soon revealed by the media that Neymar was one of them. The other two included Leo Paredes and Angel Di Maria.

Neymar Tests Positive for coronavirus

All three teammates were recently spotted in Ibiza right after PSG lost to Bayern Munich on August 23. They were playing for the finals of the UEFA Champions League.

PSG soon sent out a statement saying that three of their players have been confirmed to be positive of the Sars CoV2 test. They are currently going to the health protocols. They also announced that all other players and staff members would be tested within the next few days. However, the team has been off since they lost at the finals. They were scheduled to back up on September 10. But it doesn’t seem possible now.

Neymar was quite a lot in the news in August for not following coronavirus protocols while swapping jerseys with Marcel Halstenberg. This happened on August 18 while they were at a game.

Even since, players have been banned to swap jerseys. Moreover, Neymar could have been blocked to compete in the finals. Later, he was allowed to play.

Over the past few months, several celebrities have been infected by the coronavirus; many due to attending avoidable events. Role models need to be a bit more aware and cautious as the public follows actions taken by them. The players have been highly criticized for such moves as well. Let’s hope the players recover soon and are back on track.