Usain Bolt Corona Positive Confirms Health Minister of Jamaica

Usain Bolt corona positive confirms Minister of Health of Jamaica. Minister Christopher Tufton announced that the sprinter was in isolation, and his recent contacts traced. The Minister Tweeted that the authorities formally notified him. He also mentioned that questions, interrogation, and contact tracing were in process.

Usain Bolt corona positive

After Twitteratis started posting about Bolt’s alleged coronavirus positive test, the sprint confirmed he was in quarantine. He posted a Tweet slamming people speculating about his positive report. He clarified that he had to do a test because of work, and he is in isolation by being responsible.

Usain Bolt also shared a video where he could be lying about having no symptoms of COVID-19. He said to be safe, he went into quarantine.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness confirmed that police are investigating the case. However, he didn’t reveal the probable offense committed. Jamaica has managed coronavirus well and followed social distancing strictly.

The Prime Minister said that they are looking into the matter as no one can escape rules. Everyone will get equal treatment for public welfare. Thus, if Usain Bolt is guilty of putting himself into a situation that could make him positive, he will be punished like anyone else.

As of today, the cases in Jamaica are 2,869, and the death toll is 29. The country has a population of 3 million.

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Bolt was allegedly partying before testing positive for coronavirus

According to Jamaican newspapers, Usain Bolt’s wife, Kasi Bennett, hosted a party on August 22 for his 34th birthday. It was a surprise event by the wife, and attended by music and sports celebrities. Two of the invitees were Raheem Sterling, the soccer player of Manchester City, and Christopher Martin, the famous Jamaican singer. As per the latest update, they are also in quarantine, along with others who attended the party.

Andrew Holness said that they are investigating the circumstances as the videos of the event were posted online. Moreover, none of them followed social distancing rules or used masks during the party.

According to news, around 1,000 people have been punished for not following rules during the pandemic. Not following safety measures not only makes people unsafe but also fuels the national disaster.


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