Eagles Fan arrange Drive-In Tailgate Party for Opening Day

Although they are not allowed to enter the stadium, they can watch the game due to a die-hard Eagles fan. He has found an alternative way to tailgate the opening day.

The Eagles are all set to start their season from September 13 against Washington Football Team. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are not allowed to watch the game from the stadium.

How will Eagles Fan have a drive-in tailgate party for opening day?

Rocco Gallelli, a fanatic of the Eagles, has is own drive-in venue, which is about 20 minutes from Lincoln Financial Stadium. He is turning the place into a tailgate central.

The spot has a massive 40-foot video screen and can hold up to 150 vehicles. So, families can watch the match as a group and also maintain social distancing from others.

Rocco Gallelli spoke to TMZ Sports and said that he would charge every car $40 to get in. Everyone can bring their food and drinks. He will also arrange a food stand where people can buy from.

As per reports, the Eagles tailgate event is safe and will be maintained with all protocols. It will create a party-like atmosphere. They even plan to have a DJ to keep music before the game kicks off.

The man also said that the place would have sanitizer stations and face masks to follow coronavirus health protocols. If the first game becomes a success, he has a plan to keep tailgates every week through the NFL season.

NFL fans are spread all across the country, and more and more people are looking for ways to watch the matches together and risk-free. In Buffalo, NFL fans will have a tailgate “bubble.” Here, Bills Mafia can light stuff and smash tables to reduce the possibility of COVID spread and infection.