Neymar Net Worth 2020: Early Life, Career, Luxury, Charity, and More

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. as known as Neymar is a professional Brazilian football player. He is the forward player, plays for league 1 Paris club Saint-Germain, and the National Team of Brazil. Here, we will go through the journey of his life that helped him build Neymar net worth!

Neymar Early Life

Neymar was born in a football-loving family, so he always had supportive people alongside him throughout his career. Neymar’s father was a professional football player, Neymar Santos Sr. Apart from that, his hometown was also a football-loving society. That’s why it was evident that Neymar Jr. will raise an intense love for football at a very young age. He said he used to play Futsal and Street football when he started cultivating an interest in football. Later, he agreed that those games helped him develop excellent skills, different speed, and tactics.

When his parents moved to Sao Vicente, he started playing for Portuguesa Santista. But he could not play there longer as his parents soon moved to Santos. Neymar was successful in making a place in the prominent Brazilian club, Santos F.C. Neymar’s fantastic football skills paid off.

Neymar’s career

He came to the limelight at a very young age because of his impressive saucer abilities. He joined Santos FC at age 11! But within a few years, his skills started catching everyone’s eyes. And at the age of 14, he got an offer from C.F. Real Madrid to continue his journey. But Santos was not ready to let go of such a potential player and convinced him to stay with massive bonuses.

After making his debut as a senior for the Santos team in 2009, he became the popular public figure with that league’s best junior player award. After that, there was no setback. In 2010 he rose to shine like a star like full-blown. Soon he won several players in an award, making the Santos team proud. Later in 2011, with his first FIFA goal, Neymar led Santos club to its 1st championship of Copa Libertadores in his 48 years.

In 2012, on his 20th birthday, Neymar scored 100 professional goals, and at the end of that year, he had 43 plans. With that, 2012 became the career-best year with his best total goals.

Neymar net worth

In the last three years, Neymar’s earnings increased significantly. He is now the most expensive football player after signing a costly deal with PSG. His five-year contract with the club is worth 296 million dollars. His net worth is now approximately 185 million dollars. According to a few reports, Neymar’s weekly earning is 1 million dollars.

Annual salary

In 2013, Barcelona signed Neymar for 190 million dollars from Santos, and the transfer fees were 5.7 million dollars. During that year, Neymar’s weekly wage was £280,000 at the Barcelona football club, with the annual salary up to £12.57 million. Alongside Neymar’s popularity, his demand increased, and different brands were interested in signing million-dollar deals with Neymar.

After that, he became the wealthiest footballer on almost the same page with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Beckham. For example, one of his deals was with Nike, and it was worth 11 million dollars for 11 years. Some of his other brand endorsements are Police sunglasses, Gaga Milano, etc. According to some sources, he earned 30 million dollars from sponsorship. Now Neymar is one of the top 5 highest paid footballers in 2020 worldwide.

Neymar Net Worth over time

Neymar signed his first major contract when he was 17 years old. It was with the Santos club. After that, Neymar’s unique skills were shining brightly, and Real Madrid C.F. was offering him to join the club, again, and again, Santos club tried to convince him to stay with a 20 million dollar long term contract. But he rejected the deal because he saw more potential in European leagues than Brazilian leagues. This is why he later signed a short term contract with Santos club, but it was worth 4 million dollars per year, allowing Neymar to seek opportunities in the meantime.

As mentioned before, in the year 2013, Neymar signed a 119 million dollar contract with Barcelona, which paid him 15 million dollars per year. He used to earn 16 million dollars a career from brand endorsements. Therefore his total earning around 2013 to 2017 was 30 million dollars per year.

In August 2017, Neymar signed a transfer deal with French club Paris Saint-Germain. He should earn 1.02 million dollars every week, leading to approximately a 53 million dollar annual salary. This was only his salary from the club, adding all the brand endorsements, 70 million dollars was his per year earning. His earnings were more or less the same around the years 2018 and 2019.

A vast portion of his total earnings comes with his sponsorship deals. He has been the face of the Nike brand for the advertisement campaigns and also launched many products. He signed a 2.4 million dollar deal with the Panasonic brand, which is a 2-year deal.

Neymar Net worth in 2020

This year, Neymar’s net worth is calculated at around $185 million, making him the 5th richest footballer worldwide. When he signed the transferred contract with PSG, his net worth soared. This transfer contract is recognised as the most expensive transfer deal in history. Football is now his prime source of wealth. More than half of his earnings come from his brand endorsements.

His salary in 2020 is around 70 million dollars. In 2019 Neymar earned approximately 75 million dollars; most of that earning came from his tournament wins. When he was titled as the 5th richest footballer globally, he made more than 90 million dollars in that year. In 2019, his earnings increased to about $15 million, and he got 3rd position in the place of highest-paid athletes and 7th post in the highest-paid celebrity in 2019, worldwide in Forbes.

Neymar is now a very young football star. He has more than half of his life left to make a more successful career in football. Depending on this assumption, it can be said that Neymar’s net worth will quickly increase more than $200 million in the coming years.

Cup Injury In 2014 World

Neymar’s performance was excellent in the world cup 2014. But he can’t reach finals. On the day of the final match, Brazil won the quarter-final match, minutes before; Neymar was taken away from the field onto a stretcher with wet eyes. His backbone was broken as the result of a challenge through Juan Zuniga, Colombia’s defender. With the star player’s broken bone, Brazil’s dream was dashed as it lost the semi-final match against Germany.

2015-16 seasons

During Neymar’s PSG 2015-2016 sessions, he missed UEFA Super Cup due to health-related issues. But he finished as third in the FIFA Ballon d’Or. He scored a goal and helped the team in the Copa Del Rey finals against Sevilla. For the second consecutive time, Brazil was able to win the domestic double. Neymar Jr. was the captain of his team for Copa America, though he was suspended the second time.

2016-17 seasons

During the 2016-17 seasons, Neymar was the star player of his club, especially when he scored winning goals at the UEFA Champions League. In the same year, he also scored his 100th goal. The 100th goal was for Barcelona. His team was successful in beating the opposition in Copa Del Rey this year.

Neymar played his captaincy excellently in the Summer Olympics in Rio. At the finals, the winning goal was Neymar’s.

2017-18 seasons

Neymar also joined the Paris Saint-Germain club and impressively scored a goal in his first match against Guingamp. But the sad part is, he got an injury in his right foot.

2018-19 seasons

In the 2018-19 seasons, Neymar was still recovering from his injury; maybe that is why his performance was not very good during this season. He had to face several losses in the champion’s league. He also lost the finals of Coupe de France. Even his Brazilian national team was eliminated from the 2018 world cup.

Charity work

Neymar spent a part of his childhood in Jardim Gloria. He opened the Instituto Projecto Neymar Jr., there. The facility helps needy kids in the region by helping them in education, artistic, and sports purposes. Neymar is doing fantastic work by giving potential kids chances to improve their skills. Until now, the institute serves over 2000 kids and their families.

Neymar’s Luxury Life


Neymar Jr. is the proud owner of a massive mansion in Mangaratiba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The mansion is located in a resort in Mangaratiba. It is worth £7 million. Along with six bedrooms, a jacuzzi, a pool, a helipad, a tennis court, and an underground cellar packed with 3000 wine bottles, the mansion is truly luxurious.


He also has an impressive collection of cars with an Audi RS7, Ferrari 458 Italia, a Zippy R8 Spyder, and the Volkswagen Touareg, the cheapest one. He is also the owner of 50 Maserati MC125 in the whole world. Only his car collection is worth more than £1 million.

Private jet

For a successful man like Neymar with such considerable net worth, it’s not impossible to have a private jet. He is the business class Embraer Legacy 450 private jet owner, with a net worth of 25.9 million dollars.


Neymar is the most expensive football player with an expensive taste. The Embraer Phenom 100E yacht is one of these luxurious possessions. Moreover, the cost is 8 million dollars, along with $120,000 annual maintenance charges.

Takeaways from Neymar’s wealth and success

You Need Positive Vibes From Supportive People

To be a successful man, one always needs support when he is starting from scratch. Right from the beginning, Neymar got the Full support of his family and society, who motivated Neymar amazingly to build his football career. Even now, we are never successful soccer players; he has the Full support of his family, friends, and especially his father.

Trust Yourself

Neymar once said that one could not achieve success if you don’t believe in himself and his dreams. From the beginning, Neymar set his future image as a successful footballer in mind, which is why he always found a strong base. Always believe in yourself and always believe that you can achieve what you dream of and work hard.

Always Stick To The Ground

Being a successful person means lots of handling. Sometimes a person’s ego can ruin his whole career. This is why even if you are flying higher; you always need to come to your home turf. A person who thinks high can be a successful person, but those who believe them higher than others can never be. That’s why Neymar is still a grounded person despite all of the controversies and so much success.

Imitate Others But Don’t Forget Yourself

People who try to be someone in the future always keep their idols in mind and try to imitate them. But the free-kick is always their own. Neymar once said he keeps Messi and Ronaldo as his idol. There is nothing wrong with imitating their moves and improving it with their techniques. But you always have to keep experimenting and create your tactics.

The Pressure Is Not For Your Own

When you are making your dream real, there is nothing to prove to others. So, you don’t have to pressurize yourself. Pressure can only make you less confident. So the smartest move is to put it aside and move forward.


1. Who is Neymar?
A. Neymar is a famous football player.

2. How Old Is Neymar?
A. He is 31 years old.

3. What is Neymar’s net worth?
A. Neymar’s estimated net worth is $250 million.

4. When does Neymar’s birthday come?
A. His birthday is on 5 February.

5. How tall is Neymar?
A. He is 5 ft and 9 inches tall.

Final thoughts

Neymar Jr. is a great player with excellent skills and unique tactics. At a very young age, he achieved a lot, but he still has a lot of time in hand to make more. So we expect that Brazil’s star player improves himself more and more, and his net worth can increase several more million dollars in the coming. Neymar net worth reflects how far he has come and has a long way to go too!