Spanish Athlete gives up Runner Up Medal to the who took the Wrong Path

A Spanish athlete has won the internet due to his gesture, and the whole world is praising him. He reportedly gave up on his top tier win at the 2020 Santander Triathlon for another person who took the wrong turn in the course of his run.

James Teagle, a British athlete, was going to win third place in the triathlon that took place in Spain. He made a mistake just meters before he was going to finish the race. The Spanish runner, Diego Méntrida, took over but saw the error made. He stopped and allowed Teagle to cross the line before him. Later, Diego Méntrida said that his competitor deserved it.

Spanish athlete gives up runner up medal and wins hearts

The race happened on September 13, but the footage from the competition went viral a few days after. Many people congratulated the 21-year-old Spanish athlete for showing sportsmanship.

On Friday, the man was given third place as an honor by the organizers. He also won prize money of 300 euros. It was the same amount given to Teagle. While receiving the recognition, the athlete said that his parents had taught him such values from childhood. Also, he thought it was a normal thing to do. On Instagram, Méntrida thanked his followers for appreciating his gesture.

Teagle took a wrong turn when he was 100 m away from the race. By mistake, he ran towards the spectators present in the fenced area. He also didn’t notice signs or that he was not in the right alignment.

Méntrida was behind Teagle for a long stretch but took over just before they were near the final period. But he allowed his rival to catch up.

After the run, Teagle and Méntrida shook hands with gratitude, and they were both happy. Méntrida said when he saw that Teagle missed the route, he stopped and allowed him to complete. He also said that he deserved the medal.

The winner of the race was Javier Gomez Noya, and he said that the gesture was the best thing he saw in history.

Sports celebrities like Adrián San Miguel took to Twitter to talk about real values in sports quoting this incident.

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