how to get blood stain out of mattress
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Bloodstains are not just embarrassing and annoying, but they can be harmful as well. If you happen to see it on your mattress you need to wash it immediately as the bacterial growth might result in sickness. We have suggested the ways on how to get blood stain out of mattress below.

Removing blood stains from mattress

Treating the stain is the first thing that you need to consider when you spot it. Blot the area with a damp cloth to remove the blood stain. Remember to use a white cloth as it might leach the dye from the clothes to your mattress. If there is a removable cover in your mattress, then remove it. Blot the stain with a paper towel and rinse it with cold water. This is the best way to remove the stains forever for the mattress. 

How to Get Blood Stain out of Mattress: 5 Useful Methods

1. Use dish soap to clean the stain

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Cleaning blood stains from mattresses does not need any heavy–duty cleaning solution. You can use a liquid dish soap or a laundry detergent to remove it. Use half a cup of dishwashing liquid and some cold water. Start by mixing both until you see a foamy mixture. Take the liquid and apply it to the stain. Saturate the stained area as much as you can. Allow it to rest for some time before blotting with the cloth. Add a little pressure to remove the stain and allow it to air dry.

2. Using a pet cleaner

You can also use a pet cleaner to remove blood stains. So, if you are looking for how to get blood stain out of mattress then this is the solution. Using an enzyme cleaner is just like cleaning it with other cleaning solutions. If you want a way to take the blood stain from the bed, just use the product with some detergent and allow it to sit for at least an hour.

Use a toothbrush to scrub off the stain. Now blot the area with a towel and let it dry overnight.

3. Using hydrogen peroxide

how to get blood stain out of mattress
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Hydrogen peroxide works as a disinfectant and stain remover. Whether you want to remove blood stains or urine stains, this works wonders. The only drawback of this chemical is that it might cause discoloration, but if you want to try out this method then use a small amount. Always dry the mattress after removing the stains.

4. Baking soda and cold water

baking soda and water
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This is always the safest method to clean any type of stains and odors. This is used in regular mattress cleaning, as baking soda can absorb the moisture and lift the stain out of the mattress. It is a great deodorizer which is why it is often used for mattress cleaning. To make baking soda stain remover, you will need one cup of baking soda and 2 cups of cold water. Mix until you get a paste consistently. If the slurry is too watery then adjust both to get the desired consistency. Now apply it directly on the stain and scrub it. Allow it to set for an hour before rinsing it in cold water.

5. Using vinegar

Using baking soda and vinegar is also a mattress cleaning routine. It can remove the smell of blood as well. Just mix both ingredients with some essential oil and blot the area. Apply small amounts of pressure to remove the stain.


Now you know all the tips on how to get blood stain out of mattress! Get ready to face this challenging task. No matter what cleaning produce you use, attack the issues in the same way. The most essential things to consider is to use cold water, not to scrub vigorously and soak up the moisture.


Q1. How to get rid of blood stains on a mattress?

Use baking soda and cold water to remove the stain. Allow it to sit for half an hour and remove the paste with a damp cloth. Allow the mattress to air dry.

Q2. Can I use salt to remove stains from the mattress?

Yes, salt mixed with vinegar can be used to remove stains from the mattress. Make a paste with cold water and spread it on the sheet. Allow it to set for some time and rinse it with cold water.

Q3. Can I use toothpaste to remove blood stains on the mattress?

Yes, toothpaste can be used to remove stains but it will not be as effective as the treatments mentioned above.

Q4. What is the best stain remover for a mattress?

You can try any of the above-mentioned methods to remove blood stains from the mattress. Use an enzyme–based cleaner or a vinegar and dish soap mixture. These are the proven ways to remove stains from any cloth.

Q5. How to maintain a mattress stain-free?

You can keep your mattress clean and fresh by washing it regularly and using a removable washable mattress cover or pad to avoid getting liquids into the bed directly.