Highest paid sport
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We all love to watch different sports. But have you ever thought about the payment/salary that a player gets in each type of game? Yes, here in this article we will have a look at the highest-paid sport in the world. As we know, every sport is unique, and there exist many varieties of games in this world. Many factors decide the criteria for a player’s payment in a sport. If we look at many sports personalities, many are millionaires and even billionaires. Indeed, this clearly shows that sportspeople get paid pretty well. However, it will be fair enough to look more closely at the sports that get the highest pay in the world. So let’s dig more about it based on the average annual income of players.  


Highest paid sport in the world
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Basketball comes in the top list of highest-paid sport in the global context. Also, it is one of the most popular sports in the world. The average salary of a basketball player is $4.9 million. Indeed, it gets considered to be a fair amount. Furthermore, from other sponsorships and league/club matches, players can even more. Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, etc., are a few famous and rich Basketball players. National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the major leagues for basketball players. The NBA indeed is the primary source for the players to get a considerable amount as remuneration. 

 Major League Baseball 

Highest Paid sport in the world
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The foremost League Baseball comes in the second position of the highest paid sport in the world list. Each player’s average annual salary is $3.82 million. As compared to basketball, it is not that popular sport. However, there is a good fan base for MLB in the United States and Japan. The revenue that gets generated from the matches plays a crucial role in deciding the player’s income. According to the sources, MLB made a drastic increase in revenue collection in the last years. Indeed, making the sport second on the table list.

 Ice Hockey NHL 

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As compared to other sports, Ice hockey, the National Hockey League is not a popular game. Its fan base is more concentrated in the United States, Canada, and some parts of European countries. Despite this popularity factor, Ice hockey comes in the third position in ‘the list of the world’s highest-paid sport. Moreover, the average annual salary income of each player is $2.58 million. Ice hockey matches don’t generate much revenue income. However, considering broader aspects of the game, players do demand more salary. There are instances where player salaries get raise to $14 million. 

 American Football NFL 

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The National Football League comes to the fourth position in the list. It provides players an average annual salary of $2 million. Indeed, it is a decent payment considering its popularity and more. As the name refers, this game is limited to America. It is not much popular game and doesn’t have much fan base other than in the United States. However, there is a modest increase in the salary of the players in NFL teams. For instance, the top-rated player Rodgers gets an estimated income of $22 million. 


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Football is the most popular game in the world. It has an estimated 4.5 billion strong fan base across the globe. No other game has received such acceptance and popularity among the common masses. In the list of the highest-paid sports, football stands in the fifth position. The premier league system gets to consider the main criteria for making the list of the world’s highest-paid sports. However, in football, the players earn an average annual salary of $1.6 million. Celebrity status, popularity, and career statistics play a crucial role in determining a player’s income. Generally,  players receive pretty good salaries in premier league matches. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, etc., are the few top celebrated football players. 


Most Popular Sports in the world with global followers
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cricket gets to consider to be the second most popular sport in the world. Moreover, in Indian subcontinent countries, the game has a huge fan base. The average annual salary of a cricket player is $1 million. However, the salary scale provided for the players varies. The premier league matches play a crucial role in deciding the annual payment of the players. Furthermore, there is a drastic increase in cricket players’ revenue and salary in the last few years.  Considering all these aspects, it holds a decent place on the list of highest-paid sports globally.


Most Popular Sports in the world with global followers
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Tennis is one of the growing sports in context with its popularity and acceptance. According to the sources, there is a good increase in the percentage rate of people who play tennis. Also, an estimated 60 million people across the globe directly get in this game. The average annual income of a tennis player is $300,000. However, famous tennis like Roger Federer earns millions per year. Indeed, he is one of the wealthiest sports personality in the world. So tennis has a tremendous possibility to make money. All you need to have is talent and dedication.


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 Golf holds a unique status and standard in the sports world. The game receives a fair acceptance in distinct parts of the world. However, only a particular class of people are more active in this sport. May be requirements that the game demands can be the reason for its less reach in ordinary people. The average annual income earns by golf players is $140,000. But many top players receive quite a fair amount of income. Tiger woods is one such word famous and celebrated golf player. 


Highest paid sport in the world
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The highly growing game badminton comes in the list of high paid sport in the world. It is also one of the significant and popular sport in the global context. Significantly, the game gains much more acceptance and attention in Asian countries. A badminton player earns an average annual income of $120,000. However, the salary varies from player to player. Many criteria decide the yearly payment of the player. 


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 Volleyball is one of the most highlighting sports in the world. It has estimated global followers of 800million. Indeed, it is a decent range for making this game world popular—a volleyball player’s average annual income of $40,000. There are different types of volleyball, like the beach and aquatic volleyball. However, team volleyball and beach volleyball are the Olympic items. In the last few years, the acceptance and reach of the game have increased significantly. 

 More Info about Highest Paid sport

It is challenging to make a list of the world’s highest-paid sport. The list here gets prepared according to the average yearly income of players. A player’s career statistics and celebrity status also play a crucial role in deciding his salary. This aspect is more applicable in league matches, where players get selected through auction. So, according to players’ ability, the range in annual wage varies.


If you are a hardcore sports lover, then knowing about the highest-paid sport in the world will be a fascinating topic. It is evident from the above information that a sport’s global popularity is not the only criteria to decide the player’s annual salary. Many other factors also determine a player’s salary scale. Furthermore, if you desire to make a career in the sports field, understanding the highest-paid sports will be useful enough.