NBA Players Bust

Above all the return of the NBA set for July 31 should be a welcome relief. Gamblers have been eagerly anticipating word of the Association’s return. Already there has been significant betting on NBA handle on the futures board.  As a consequence of the once in a lifetime 22-team format interest is high.  Working in the NBA’s favor is that no other major team sports are expected back on its return date.  So, the Association will have all sports eyeballs to themselves. Handicappers and sportsbooks are already counting the hours.  But a black cloud has emerged.The main question is Could NBA Players Bust Return Bubble?

To begin with Online Cricket Betting ID brass was exceedingly tepid about a return.  Just at the moment when some good will was restored players started voicing concerns.  Orlando is normally a vacation destination.  But the NBA is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Terrified of offending the Blue Checkmark Twitter Brigade its plan is seen as oppressive to players. Specifically, NBA players are saying that the quarantine plan is too restrictive.  Kyrie Irving has been the most vocal player of all.  And to be clear Irving does make some logical points.  

NBA Quarantine Plan Overview

For action to resume at NBA betting websites commissioner Adam Silver and players had to hammer out an acceptable agreement.  Silver is the most media conscience of all major sports commissioners.  And the most woke.  No doubt he saw the social media outrage over states such as Florida reopening.  Even as most of the general public polled favored a re-open.  Yet Silver and the NBA were willing to take full advantage of Florida’s invite to return.  Talking out of both sides of his mouth has proven problematic for the commissioner.  

ESPN Wide World of Sports is the Disneyworld location.  Specifically, it is a ready-made TV studio.  Which will make broadcasting of the games a breeze.  Players can’t bring guests to the Disneyworld location.  AFTER the first round of the playoffs that policy might change.  Of course, luxury hotels are part of the package.  But not being able to leave the quarantined location is proving to be a bridge too far.  

Conference Call of Stars Could Blow Up Return

At the beginning of this rebellion were conference calls with some of the biggest names in the game.  Players are catching on to the absurdity of the plan.  Even as they are locked in quarantine thousands of people will be roaming Disneyworld as guests at the adjoining theme park.  Players feel that their voices were not heard when the plan was implemented.  Following this initial conference call came 150 more players in agreement.  It’s now apparent that a plan suitable for April makes no sense for August.  In sum, being too cautious has damaged the NBA relationship with players.

The Potential Disaster of a Non-Return 

As a consequence of this rebellion is the possibility of a cancelled return.  There could be no greater disaster for online sportsbooks and the NBA.  With NASCAR, boxing, UFC and soccer all returning the NBA is under intense pressure.  Failing to come back after promising to do so would rival Major League Baseball in utter stupidity.  Furthermore, there are literally billions of dollars at stake.  TV networks could be as unforgiving as fans and gamblers at a cancelation.

Player Disgust Could Burst the Bubble

On the whole the biggest complaint of NBA players is the bubble lockdown.  They will not be allowed to leave the bubble for as long as they are there.  What started off as a few voices has become a firestorm.  Players on teams not likely to advance in the playoffs are getting cold feet.  In like manner star players are beginning to rebel.  

With the economic damage and racial strife in the United States an NBA return could do much to heal the wounds.  In view of everything that is at stake a compromise will likely be reached.  To put it another way failure is not an option.