Schwarzenegger Refuses to Enter Gold’s Gym Over No Face Mask Policy

Most of the gyms across California are all geared up for the post-pandemic functioning. However, according to the latest news reports, one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world has refused to enter this reputed gym. The person we are talking about is the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger and the gym in concern is the famous Gold’s gym. The actor-bodybuilder is a premium member of the Gold’s Gym for several years now. So, he visited the Venice location after it reopened after a couple of months.

It was shut down back in March due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and has finally reopened. However, Schwarzenegger refused to work out over there. Later, journalist Tina Patel of CBSLA reported that the former California Governor had planned a visit to shoot a video for social media awareness. However, he decided to get back because of certain illogical policies made by the gym authorities. As per sources, the new policies of Gold’s Gym say that members do not have to wear face masks which is an extreme risk given the current situation around. Patel added that Schwarzenegger will post his opinion about safety policies and thoughts about his experience on social media soon.

It was not a good sight that despite such loose safety policies, several members of the Gold’s Gym were comfortably working out without face masks. It is a pity to see people so unaware despite the government and health officials mentioning about the mandatory requirement of face masks. According to the health experts, not using proper precautions including masks may lead to various health issues. For example, respiratory problems can be severe if someone inhales the virus at any time. However, it is also true that the gym authorities are maintaining all other strict measures.

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The important safety measures

It is true indeed that wearing facemasks is very important, but it is to be kept in mind that working out in that way is almost impossible. So, it is evident that the gym authorities have kept that in mind. They are also maintaining everything else except this. There are several videos of the newly equipped Gold’s Gym doing the rounds on social media. It is evident that they are taking care of the necessities. In fact, not more than 50% of the members can attend the gym at one time. Moreover, machine sanitization is constantly happening throughout the day. Plus, there is proper equipment to measure body temperature. everyone entering the gym has to go through the process.

The best part is the outdoor space that is offered to the members for a more comfortable workout. It is an open area for people who like to work out in fresh air. However, most people still do not want to enjoy this space which is a shame. On the other hand, Adam Zeitsiff, CEO of Gold’s Gym talks about the Venice location. It has now reopened after months of closure. On the other hand, the other locations are also all set to open one by one.


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