UFC veteran Michel Prazelez has been banned by the USADA for two years and will not be allowed to return to the Octagon until 2021 after providing a positive urine sample for drug testing.

The welterweight has not appeared in the UFC since the decision to defeat Ismail Naurdiev in February 2019.

And now it turns out that it was due to a positive drug test that he provided immediately after the game.

In March, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced that Prazeres tested positive for the banned substance, boldenone.

The 38-year-old man received two years of suspension.
USADA has issued the following statement on its website.

UFC news: Micheal Prazeres recieves two year USADA suspension for anti-doping violation
UFC news: Micheal Prazeres recieves two year USADA suspension for anti-doping violation

The USADA declared today that Michel Prazeres of Belem, Brazil, has clearly accepted two years of sanctions for violating the UFC® anti-doping policy after a positive test of a prohibited substance.

Prazeres, 38 reported that two non-competitive urine samples provided on March 9, 2019, were positive for exogenous boldenone and its metabolite 5β-and rost-1-en-17β-of-3-one.

I inspected it. A positive test was achieved by additional analysis using a sensitive method of mass spectrometry with an isotope ratio (GC / C / IRMS) that reported test results consistent with the exogenous origin of boldenone.

Boldenone is a non-specific substance in the anabolic class and is always prohibited in the UFC Anti-Doping Policy and the UFC Prohibition List.

The two-year disqualification period of Prazeres began on March 9, 2019, when its positive samples were collected.

A ban on the day Prazeres provided the positive sample would mean re-qualifying on March 9, 2021.

Weight problems
Brazilians have been participating in the UFC since 2013, but have experienced multiple problems during that time.

Despite the respectable UFC record (10-3), Prazeres could not gain weight on three separate occasions, and his loss to rookie Nualdiev caused discomfort.

Prazeres will be almost 40 years old when he offers the suspension, but will he end his term at UFC with a two-year sports suspension?

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