Robotic Field Painter

The thought may not have struck you yet, but do understand how much hard work that goes into painting the lines on football fields? Well, if you use a manual line marking, the field painting of a football field takes about 20 hours. Add on 4 people, $330 for labor expenses, 25 gallons of color for an estimated $250. That is a lot, but the truth is that it does not have to be so expensive nor time consuming.

At least not if you have a robotic field painter at hand! With a robotic field painter, that is an automatic driven machine that colors the football field for you, the job will be done within 3 hours. Further, you do not need more than one person that sets up the field painter, and not more than 10 gallons of paint. That will save you money and time while making the job with 100% accuracy.

Paint a football field within 3 hours

A football field consists of perfect lines, perfect hash marks, perfect numbers and endzone letters. There is a lot of work included in painting a football field, but it does not need to take 20 hours. You do not need assistance from 4 people or 25 gallons of color. All you need is a powerful tool that can help you do the work within 3 hours: a robotic field painter.

So how does these smart robots work? Well, football field painters do not need a manual operator since they are operated by a smart GPS system. The robotic field painters memorize the locations registered and finishes both initial marking and over-marking with 100% accuracy. They perform on a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 650 Wh, which means that they can paint a full-sized 11v11 soccer fields without problems and do so within 3 hours.

Refuse to compromise on quality

Making the perfect lines on a football field is not only about creating something quick and profitable. As said previously, a football field consists of perfect lines. That means that you cannot compromise on quality when you paint them. Do not worry – with a revolutionary robotic field painter you do not need to compromise on quality, even though the work is done within 3 and not 20 hours. The truth is that the robotic field painter can finish the work even more in detail than a traditional line marker can.

The robotic machines adjust precisely, to the smallest detail, to the dimensions they are about to paint. With that said, a line will not be skewed if you do not program it incorrectly. After all, the brain behind these smart tools is you. You are the one who sets the field painter up to paint the lines using a smart tablet, and surely you are clever enough to do so? With a robotic line marker, you will not have to compromise on quality nor spend your time doing time-consuming tasks that can be done much quicker.