Motorcyclist Alex Harvill Dies While Trying to Break Record

2013 world record holder Alex Harvill experienced a collision during practicing for another world record in Moses lake Air show on Thursday.

Father of two and a precious member of the motorsport community, Harvill was 28 years old and passionate about his sport. He attempted the warming up at Grant County International Airport, situated 105 miles away from southwest of Spokane.

Alex’s stunts motivated many daredevil performers. His sudden death caused disappointment to many supporters of daredevils.

Hallock and worldwide supporters will remember Alex Harvill 

Braden Hallock was deeply saddened; he shared insights into his bonding with Alex. Braden first noticed and read about him while looking through motocross in 2012. Alex was hard-working, and he did not complain about anything, as Hallock remembered.

He also shared his goal-achieving story and how Alex helped him to fulfill his dream of five bikes. He added that Alex was a breath of fresh air to have, and Alex always gave him advice.

Hallock recalled that he approached many guys in this field to guide him, but no one was willing to help, but Alex was the only person, was so supportive. Hallock was stating that last time his mentor patted him on his back. He drove a long way to witness the stuntman’s practice.

When he saw the front end coming, he hoped that Alex should hit the back brake; he knew that wasn’t good. He also stated that he knew that this sport came with great risk, but Harvill’s death shook them really badly.

Hallock said that Alex will always be present in his mind, and he will never attempt any high-risk jumps again. He hoped that some more extra precautions should be added, like more cushions or more room for landing.

The Great County Sheriff’s staff confirmed the death of Alex Harvill. Due to sensitive concerns, the video recording will not spread widely. GoFundMe has raised $100,000 and will support his family thoroughly.