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The National Football league (NFL) of America is all set to open for its training camp. NFL is a professional football league of America that consists of 32 teams. Moreover, the NFL is one of the most popular league that has a separate fan base. In amidst of corona virus many NFL events were cancelled and postponed. The 100th anniversary of NFL about comes on 20th August. In this context, the latest announcement regarding the camp openings is a happy news for all NFL fans. However, in the latest meeting NFL training camps, many decisions and guidelines were proposed.

Players Union Meeting

Players Union and NFL officials conducted a meeting very recently. The reopening of training camps was discussed and decisions were taken. It is decided that NFL training camps will set open after the payers union and league agreed on several issues. Besides, the issues that prevailed between league and players were resolved. The salary cap mechanisms and players choices on upcoming seasons were discussed and came into an agreement. The representatives from 32 teams NFL associations executive members were present in the discussion and offers were approved.


It is a crucial meeting held between players representatives and association executive committee. Indeed, many players opt from the games considering the present pandemic situation. However, a stipend will be given to the opt-out players. An amount of $350,0000 stipend will be given for the players who have to choose opt-out for medical reasons. Furthermore, the players who has taken voluntary opt-out will be given $150,000.

There were many obstacles between players and association regarding the training camps. However, all the issues are eliminated and training camps will be fully open from next week. All the major preseason games were cancelled previously, but now the dilema regarding all the training camps and season leagues have resolved.

National Football League Players Association (NFLPA)

The NFLPA through Twitter officially announced that they adopt the amendments that are proposed.  The corona virus has affected many players and resulted in the cancellation of many off-season field activities and team programs. In this context NFLPA offered 18 days extension for the players who wish to join back in league activities. However, the training camps will be open from the next week and expecting a season-opening in the first week of September. Also, a mandatory corona test is must for the players who are scheduled to arrive this week.

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that they have worked collaboratively to develop a proper set of protocols. Indeed, the protocols intended to reduce the risk of players, fans and club in the amidst of corona virus. Moreover, medical experts and directors guidelines are taken by the NFL and NFLPA to reduce zero risk factors.


The NFL meeting conducted at the right time helped in resolving the training camp dilemma. Before meeting major official declarements were not made. Furthermore, many economic issues got resolved in the meeting. There is a huge revenue loss in the NFL due to this pandemic. Discussions made to overcome this revenue issue.

However, the reopening decision of NFL training camps has created a positive impact on players and fans. Let us hope to see the power packed NFL events soon.


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