Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Exhibition Boxing Match

After several months of discussions and training sessions, Mike Tyson now has an opponent for his comeback match. He is going to take on legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. who is not just a four-division world champion, but Tyson’s colleague as well. The Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr face-off is going to be an eight-round exhibition fight that is scheduled for September 12, 2020.

Mike Tyson is known as the undisputed champion of heavyweight boxing. Moreover, he has been leaving hints that lead to his comeback to the ring as a part of an exhibition match. There were rumors that his opponent for this comeback match will be a person with whom he shares a special bond, Evander Holyfield. However, all those rumors have been put off now that the real news is out. Tyson was determined to make a tough comeback against a legitimate boxer instead of a crossover or celebrity athlete.

In this context, it is important to note that Roy Jones Jr. ticks off all the boxes. He is considered one of the most valuable people in the history of boxing. Jones started competing at 154 pounds and then graduated to bag several titles in the middle and super middleweight categories. He then went on to compete in the light heavyweight, and finally in the heavyweight category.

Story of both the legends

While competing in the heavyweight category, he achieved a terrific victory against the legendary John Ruiz. Therefore, he became the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion of 2003. The 51-year old Jonas last entered the ring in February 2018. During his last match series, he earned four consecutive victories. On the other hand, Tyson is now 54-year old and last participated in a competitive boxing match in June 2005. He then decided to retire after refusing to fight the seventh round with Kevin McBride.

During an interview with the ESPN, Tyson said that he knows he can do it because everyone else can as well. He told the world that being 54 does not mean an end to his passion and career. He does not believe that a man after his 50s has to mandatorily forget his passion and shift to a separate profession. Tyson tells everyone that there is no need to think that life is over just because you are 54. What is important is to feel beautiful and energetic within, and he feels the same too.

Mike Tyson’s last match

While he was talking to the reporter from ESPN, Tyson remembered the old days, and of course his last match. He said unabashedly that it was the first time when he was receiving so many punches. Therefore, he decided to not play further and even decided to retire. After that, he lived his life the way he wanted, and it was a learning experience throughout. However, it was time for him to get back to the ring once again. Tyson also feels that he was capable of taking more care of his mental and physical health during the past years. He believes that the way he is maintaining himself is better than how most of the other boxers do after retirement, or before a comeback.

The September schedule for the comeback match is awaiting a sanction by the California State Athletic Commission. The event will air on a pay-per-view basis, and also on Triller, a popular social platform. As per media reports and rumors, Triller is also trying to create a documentary of a total of ten parts. In this, they will show all the footages of the pre-fights and also behind-the-scenes. The plan is to release two episodes in a week following a match.

According to the reports of Yahoo! Sports, Roy Jones, Mike Tyson, as well as Kevin Lole have decided to fight wearing large gloves. Besides, there will be no intentions whatsoever of scoring a knockout. The match is to take place at the Dignity Health Sports Arena, Los Angeles. There will be musical performances, and a full undercard too.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr – What to expect?

The event will take place in association with a new venture by Mike Tyson called “Mike Tyson’s Legends Only League.” In a press release on Wednesday, July 27, the collaboration between Eros Entertainment and Tyson was announced along with the launch of the venture. It is the next generation plan to support the best athletes across the world with proper infrastructure for growth. On the other hand, when Jones was asked about his opinion about competing with Tyson, he said that only a crazy person will turn down such an opportunity.

Jones, in the interview, specified that there were no plans for a comeback in his case. However, there was no way in which he wanted to lose a golden opportunity to compete with the legendary Mike Tyson. Moreover, he wanted all his fans to know that if someone gets the credit for his comeback it will be Tyson because he chose Jones.

On the other hand, there is news of NBA legend Nate Robinson to compete against YouTube celebrity Jake Paul on the undercard. There is still confusion about the weight of the fight. Moreover, Robinson will have a disadvantage when it comes to weight and height in competition with Paul. Badou Jack, the former light heavyweight champion may also be a part of the event.