Yasiel Puig gets accused of sexual assault, faces legal actions

Yasiel Puig, the former dodger who has played for teams like Cleveland Indians, Angeles Dodgers, and Cincinnati Reds, has been accused of sexual assault. The victim said that she was assaulted during an NBA match in 2018.

According to the lawyer Taylor Rayfield who stands for the victim, his client didn’t know Yasiel Puig before meeting him. The attorney said that Puig tried to threaten his client after the sexual assault. The former Dodger took advantage of his status of being a sports celebrity. The victims being a stranger, feels intimidated. She is has been going through emotional and mental trauma, which have affected her life.

A lawsuit was filed at the Los Angeles superior court on Thursday by the name of alias Jane Roe. The victim doesn’t want to disclose her actual identity as yet. She said that the incident happened too fast and was horrifying. It is such a mortifying experience that she wished that no people should go through this trauma.

Yasiel Puig denies all allegations

Yasiel Puig denies all the allegations about the sexual assaults. His lawyer said that the allegations are baseless. According to reports, Yasiel Puig has received a legal notice from the victim regarding the sexual assault.

The woman behind the alias, Jane Roe, said that the incident happened at Staples Center on October 30, 2018.

Yasiel Puig forced the woman to restroom and touched her private parts

The file documented that the MLB superstar forced her into a washroom. He asked her to take off her clothes. He forcefully touched her sexual organs. His one hand put her against his private parts. Yasiel even ejaculated in front of her.

The victim said that she was going to use the washroom when Yasiel grabbed her. She had no intention of having any sexual activity with him in the restroom.

It is yet not clear whether the victim went to take legal help immediately after the incident or not. Investigations are still going on.

Evidence found in photographs during the Lakers game, Puig sitting at the courtside

The date on the lawsuit matches the Lakers match against Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center. As an evidence picture of Yasiel Puig at the courtside during the game could be high potential.

There are charges of sexual assaults, false imprisonment, intestinal psychological trauma, emotional ignorance, and sexual battery.

The victim demands over $50,000 from the former MBL superstar for sexual assault

The victim’s lawsuit does not demand a specific amount as compensation. The amount, though, must be over $50,000, as per lawyer said.

The victim’s lawyer said her client has verified and reported that the name Yasiel Puig in her lawsuit is himself the MLB superstar. Yasiel Puig is right now unavailable for any comment for this fiasco.