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Tom Brady from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has given an invitation to his new teammate Antonio Brown to his rented apartment in Tampa.

Tom has taken the mansion in rent from Derek Jeter. Antonio Brown got the invitation to live in that mansion since his deal with the Bucs for one year was finalized. According to Jay Glazer from Fox, The Wide Receiver, Antonio accepted Brady’s offer.

Brady make him meet Tony Robbins

Glazer said that the two Buccaneers are seriously staying in that same mansion. Tom Brady is also suggesting to Antonio how he should meet up with new people off the field. He introduced him to Tony Robbins even.

Earlier, Brady invited Gisele and Antonio during 2019. The wide receiver had a short run with the New England Patriots then. However, there was no certainty if he stayed with Brady then or not. Patriots released him from the team in just two weeks.

Brown vented anger over his release from the New England Patriots

Brown got very upset about the PAT’s decision to fire him. He vented his anger on Robert Kraft, who is CEO of the New England Patriots. The wide receiver though, kept a close bond with Tom.

Allegations of sexual assaults again Antonio Brown

Brown will be free from his eight-week suspension due to accusations against him for sexual harassment and rape. There was litany against him that is NFL suspended him. The litany of misconduct, physical assaulting, rebuking police officials, bringing down the furniture off from balcony, humiliating his child’s mother, and many more took place against him.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver did not accept the sexual assaults accusations. He said that he wanted to turn around his life.

Brady’s decision right or wrong

Brady is facing questions about letting Brown live with him in a massive hotel like a mansion. After all allegations against Antonio are yet not clear and under investigation.

Tom Brady will play with Antonio Brown in the game of the Tampa Bay against the Saints. Brown will miss the match between Bucs and Giants on Monday.

It will be interesting to see if the off-field bonding translates to the court or not.


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