Reports: Reds are in full preparation to sign Nicholas castellanos
Reports: Reds are in full preparation to sign Nicholas castellanos

Report: Red ‘Clear Favorite’ Signs Nicholas Castellanos

According to a report by MLB Network’s Jon Paul Morosi, Reds is considered a “clear favorite” to sign free agent gardener Nicholas Castellanos, and Morosi added that the two countries have recently negotiated.

According to Molosh, the Giants have also been in contact with Castellanos in recent weeks. Rangers are also strongly tied to the age of 27. And Castellanos is clearly the best slugger remaining on the market, but it is very likely to be a three-team race for his service.

Last week, when investigating the best settings for Castellanos, the Indians, Cardinals, and Cubs were also named landing sites, but all of these teams have shown resistance to splintering free agents, in this case so. It seems unlikely.

Reports: Reds are in full preparation to sign Nicholas Castellanos

Cincinnati is already considering a fairly crowded field mix, especially in the corner where Castellanos plays, but none of Red’s existing work can match the aggressive firepower that Castellanos adds to its lineup.

Aristides Aquino, Jesse Winker, and Phil Irvin are frequently located in the corners of the garden, and Shogo Akiyama and Nick Senzel may represent options for working in the central garden.

In fact, if Reds were inkling Castellanos, two of the aforementioned teams would be double hurt by getting lost: Of course, Cubs and Cardinals would have several times a year in the rival sector. You have to turn to the Reds and deal with it.

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The MLBTR initially predicted that Castellanos would earn $ 58 million in a four-year contract and free agency. Although he can still reach these numbers, the one-year $ 18 million contracts signed by Marcell Ozuna last week may reflect the industry’s appreciation for Castellanos.

However, Castellanos is over a year old and does not come with a qualification presentation. Therefore, the signing team does not need to worry about providing draft selection rewards.