General Booty
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General Booty, a fine quarterback from the Booty family, becomes an internet sensation. John David Booty played as quarterback gained success playing for USC. General Axel Booty garnered attention for his playing now.

General Booty said that he’s gaining attention because of his unusual name, but he wants to be in the headlines for his playing. According to the Dallas Morning News, he said that he had been playing well, which should be the reason for his popularity.

All you want to know about General Booty and family

Dallas Morning says General Booty’s father was Abram. He wanted to go to the army and decided that his son’s name would be General at a young age.

His parents planned to call him Axel, which is the middle name. Booty only reacted to General since childhood, and that made General synonymous with him.

The contribution of the Booty family to football

Johnny Booty was General’s grandfather. He played as a quarterback and gained quite a popularity. High school circuit recruited him in their teams.

Johnny Booty played for Mississippi as well as Arkansas state during his college days. David, Jake, Abram, and Josh were his four sons. Abram is the father of General Booty. Josh Booty in 1993 played for the USA and was picked by MLB  first-round draft.

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Abram was a wide receiver for LSU. He played for the Brown for a small period during the NFL. John David got Rose Bowls two times at USC. Jake played as a quarterback for all-state in high school.

According to General’s mother, the Booty family’s name is invariable among Louisiana athletes (Shreveport).

General Booty played football in four high schools

General’s family often shifted to different cities playing for different schools. He played for California’s high school and other high schools in San Antonio. Then he came to play a senior year in Allen, Texas.

Allen High School is one of the biggest schools having an excellent football high school team in Texas. Kyler Murray was one of Allen’s alumni.

General Booty a player with great prospect 

General scored 27 touchdowns while playing for Allen High School in the senior year. He got five scholarship proposals from different schools, Division I, McNeese State, Louisiana-Monroe, Yale, Nicholls State, and Liberty.

Booty played for Allen and passed a touchdown with just six seconds left. Allen continued their winning spree with 83 games continuously.

General Booty has not chosen a college yet. Seeing how well he has played in the last season for Allen and the amount of interest showed by Division I, General is definitely going to have four years coming. It is now to see if he lives up to the expectation and the family’s legacy.


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