Five motivations to disregard the NBA on Christmas Day
Five motivations to disregard the NBA on Christmas Day

NBA Christmas Day action usually gives us a ton to look forward to. The elite match with the stars going against the stars.

Unfortunately, this year’s holiday action cost us nothing but caught coal after some unfortunate injuries.

Now we are going to see Lonzo Ball Star for the Pelicans instead of Zion Williamson. In San Francisco, the Warriors would battle without both Stephen Curry and Kel Thompson.

Meanwhile, Southern California can think of itself as the center of the basketball universe, with the Clippers and Lakers battling.

We will give you five reasons to ignore NBA basketball over Christmas this year.

Five motivations to disregard the NBA on Christmas Day
Five motivations to disregard the NBA on Christmas Day

James Harden sings us to sleep with the Free Throw Parade

The likes of Q Bowman, Jordan Poole and Alec Burke (Joe?) Will be tasked with making the MVP a favorite when they go up against the NVA’s worst team, the Rockets on Christmas night.

It’s not fun for Warriors fans at the new Chase Center in San Francisco. It is also possible that Harden from Mr. Free-Fed Parade.

This season, he has an average of 13 friends in response to 13 attempts from the charity stripe. He is expected to be in his 20s when he asks us to sleep after a holiday feast.

No one likes LA in Whole anyway

Christmas night in Los Angeles is being lit as the NBA’s Holiday Slate features a game between the two best teams in the Western Conference. Watching Anthony Davis and LeBron James go up against Qui Leonard and Paul George is going to be a blast.

Not as much as basketball has been in Southern California this season, it has become very hot. We are seeing equally good basketball in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Boston, and formerly Toronto. This is not all about Lebron & Co., no matter what he wants us to think.

Thanks for listening. Now kill that egg crate.

Philo fan boo Santa

He claims Mike Schmidt. He himself has granted a boon to Mr Kringle. What is to stop six fans in Philadelphia from ruining an otherwise festive occasion in the city of brotherly love? What an irony it is.

Philly gets a chance to host a Buck squad that claims the best record in the Eastern Conference. Look for Giannis Entetokanempo to go into this process, possibly in the Angle process for Joel MBA. It can send six players to its Natty Ice, while the bad players have to leave the court to bear its brunt.

The warriors drummed us up for a stuffing

Ready to start at 5 pm, it was billed as a must-watch game on the Christmas slate by the NBA releasing its schedule. From that time Stephen Curry has gone down due to injury.
The final result is a Warriors squad that boasts the worst record in the NBA at 5-24.

We now get to see the Drummond Green effort of James Harden and Russell Westbrook match up as the Warriors formulation is at center stage in San Francisco. You wouldn’t be better off arguing with your drunken uncle about politics.

We wanted Zion and gifted Lonzo

The Pelicans were fully scheduled for Christmas because of rogue No. 1 overall Zion Williamson. This seemed like a great way to end the holiday.

Not so fast; Williamson is sidelined and has not played a game this season. Instead, we’re going to try to watch Lonzo Ball struggling against the Denver Nuggets to escape brick after brick. This is not the miracle of celebration we were hoping for.