Online Scratch cards

The online gaming trend is on the rise, increasing games and features cloud the market. With new games being added every day, it can sometimes overwhelm the player and make it quite a confusing decision. With new games, comes new rules and new bonus. Each Online Scratch cards comes with its pros and cons.

Some may have free spins, extra bonuses and rewards. One of these popular means is scratch cards. Casinos offering online scratch cards are a means to attract the public as well as increase the player count. This motivates the players to keep on continuing playing while drawing a larger consumer base. Scratch cards simplify the games, increase the probability of winning, while also providing you instant access to check your wins. Since the internet is overloaded with different games being added every day in addition to the games that already exist, we have a compiled list of all the best casinos to play at as well as casinos offering online scratch cards. This article will help you not only have the best gaming experience but also maximise your wins, thus getting you the best of both Worlds.

Some of the popular games with over great gaming experience, along with amazing scratch cards are listed below. 

  • Mr Play Casino: This is one of the most prevalent choices amongst the given community, given its marvellous features as well as the high reward ratio of 35 times the bonus amount and spinning. 
  • Queen Play Casino: This is also fairly recognisable name, this game it is known for its 100 spin bonus and their wondrous winnings, along with an attractive bonus. 
  • Reeltastic Casino: Reeltastic Casino is a favourite amongst all the online gamers, irrespective of the geography. It offers a whopping bonus amount of 45 times more than the deposit amount, which is higher then most are the games available online.
  • Spintropolis Casino: Another Casino offering online scratch cards is Spintropolis Casino, which again offers a cracking 200% meaning ratio probability and offering 20 free spins, along with a dazzling 45 percent winning bonus amount. 
  • La Fiesta Casino: La Fiesta Casino is a raging favourite in the world of casinos offering online scratch cards, as it doubles the probability of winning, by 200 percent, making it to a dashing 400% winning statistic, and ranking up to 45 x the bonus amount. 
  • Casino Superlines: Casino Superlines doesn’t stay far behind and is also one of the top rankers in the list of casinos offering online scratch cards. The game offers a 400 percent winning chance and a reward worth 45 times the deposit amount.
  • Orient Express Casino: This game offers free spins, and another bonus feature. The 20 free spins entice players from all over due to its reward ratio of 45 times the deposit amount. 
  • Winners Magic: Winners Magic is no new name and cannot possibly be forgotten in the list of online casinos offering scratch cards. The game hosts the wondrous feature of 50 free spins, which is the main attraction. Along with that, it ranks up 35 times the bonus and deposit amount, with 35 times this spin winning.

The business of online gaming can sometimes be a bit messy and confusing. This might leave the player with certain apprehensions and doubts. It might lead to them wondering if all of this is safe and reliable. We are here to give you all the information about that put you at peace. The online gaming scenario is completely regulated and licenced. There are strict regulations in place to protect the player’s privacy and rights. To prevent exploitation by the online Casino, the governing body has certain policies that every online casino needs to abide by. Similarly, there is a familiar system which is in place to advance and not cheat the player by luring them with scratch cards. Therefore, just as the online casinos and slots prepare licence to exist and operate, a comparable mechanism is in place to regulate and keep a check on the online scratch cards issued.

There are currently 16 online casinos that hold the licence to issue online scratch cards that can be used in online casino games. 

Scratch cards are a fast, simple and reliable way to earn some quick money and to join in betting games. This trend goes back to the early ages when scratch cards were issued in newspapers and magazines. The shift of scratch cards from a physical existence to an online experience has been a major dynamic change in the gaming world. It is now a virtual card that a player can purchase easily from one of the verified casino sites mentioned. Casinos offering online scratch cards, make the process very simple where the player purchases one card and scratches it, and a specific sequence of symbols or letters determine the winnings of the purchaser. If the card is a winning card, then the reward gets directly credited to the player’s account.