Cricket Stuart MacGill Physically Assaulted and Kidnapped With a Firearm

50-year-old Australian former bowler Stuart Macgill was allegedly abducted in the middle of April. Four unknown men threatened and thwacked Macgill with a gun at Cremorne on Wednesday. 

According to Sydney Morning reports, Australian cops have arrested his girlfriend’s brother, namely Marino Sotiropoulos. Mariano Sotiropoulos allegedly attacked Stuart Macgill. 

While there was an argument between Macgill and Sotiropoulos, two unknown suspects detained the former spinner. Suspects pushed Macgill into the car forcibly and steered him outside the town. Macgill suffered minor bodily injuries. Currently, there is an ongoing investigation to detect the seriousness of thee case.

Police conjecture financial motivation in case of Stuart MacGill

Police said that the suspects assaulted and confronted Macgill with a gun and released him after an hour of interaction. Australian police have stated that Macgill filed the report on April 20. The crime squad department seeks to probe the incident and initially suspect that criminals have burglary motives. According to Macgill, kidnappers did not demand any ransom money from the victim. 

Anthony Holton, the superintendent of detective, told to Daily Telegraph that Sotiropoulos’s engagement with this incident is a clear act of disloyalty. According to him, the association of Macgill’s girlfriend’s brother is a crystal clear facilitation of kidnapping. 

Riot Squad have arrested four suspects aged – 42, 29 and 27 last week, including 46-year-old Sotiropoulos. The reports revealed that police charged Sotiropoulos in several sections, namely involvement in criminal activity, dealing with illegal drugs. Along with threatening the company intentionally for monetary gain, causing injuries. The other suspects also got the charge of the same section. The court has dismissed the bail plea on Wednesday regarding the four suspects.

Macgill appeared in 44 matches and was an active cricket bowler of the Australian national cricket team between 1998 and 2008. Macgill declared his retirement from international cricket after the 2nd Test match against West Indies.