The asset of any dream team is to score well in the game and Arizona women’s basketball team is no exception when it comes to playing with their heads held high. Yes they have performed well in their recent games and their performance has become great and an increase in their score has been seen by 36%.

The match was held against the new Mexico team where they played to their might and improved their performance. The win was a long shot. The score that was at the end of the game recorded was 85-38. The team has been busting their arse off and the result showed this Sunday as they worked beautifully and covered the high ground by shooting the 3s. Their score from last year increased big time and their improvement was seen in the scores they have got and the performance.

Arizona Women's' Basketball's 3-point Shooting Has Improved As Trusted
Arizona Women’s’ Basketball’s 3-point Shooting Has Improved As Trusted

The performance improved from 30% to 46%. The Wildcats are currently on the 29th spot in the country with an average score of 28.5. They are right now on the higher spot currently in this season which has improved better than that of the last one. The main reason to score this well is because of the 3s that they have succeeded in scoring which made them ahead.

However, the main contribution toward their accomplishment is made by Aari McDonald whose goal percentage is alone 55%. The percentage of a score of McDonald’s has raised from 42% and it has created a huge difference. Freshmen like Tara Manumaleuga, Mara Mote and Helena Pueyo had also contributed toward making them win the match as they did what they had to do fast as they secured 19 for 41 (.463) from behind the arc.

Improvisation was seen in the performance of returners like Reese, Sam Thomas, and Dominique McBryde too as they scored 58% better than they did in the last season. All the players contributed to the winning of the team.