Moving to Bangalore? Here is a list of appliances that you can rent for less than 1000 rupees. We all know how expensive furnishing a new home can be, especially if you live alone. Apart from the costs of buying new appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, Air Conditioners etc. which require a large upfront payment, there are also additional costs like electricity bills, gas bills and water bills. However, there is an easy way to cut costs: just start renting your appliances! Renting appliances is extremely cost effective and convenient because most online websites that facilitate renting provide excellent services like easy returns, upgrade options, shifting appliances for free if you shift homes etc.  Here is a list of appliances that you can rent in Bangalore for less than 1000 rupees:

  1. Microwave: microwaves are a blessing in the kitchen. Not only is it convenient for reheating food but also to cook fresh meals on the microwave itself! You can get a microwave for rent from an online website ranging from 300-1000 rupees, depending on your requirements. 
  2. Tv: televisions are usually a huge investment because they require a large one time payment. Moreover, appliances are always getting upgraded with new features. The smart thing to do is to get a tv on rent. You can now rent a tv starting from just 400 rupees a month, depending on the features that you want. A modern TV with internet connection and casting options may cost you 900-1000 rupees a month. The best part? If you are someone who gets easily attached to appliances, you can also switch from the ‘rent’ option to the ‘buy’ option. 
  3. Refrigerator: Refrigerators are extremely essential, but they can also be expensive. You can now get a refrigerator on rent from an online source for less than 1000 rupees a month. If you have problems with your appliance, you can always return it and get a new one. Renting a refrigerator is useful especially if you are living in a temporary home. When you move it, you don’t have to worry about selling it or transporting it to your new home, which makes it all the more convenient to rent. 
  4. Washing Machines: washing machines with driers are extremely convenient if you don’t have space to hang your clothes or to wash them. Washing machines also save a lot of time and do not consume too much electricity. You can get a washing machine on rent starting from as low as 500 rupees a month. 
  5. Air cooler: If you are worried about the electricity consumption of an air conditioner, you can always get an air cooler on rent. Air coolers are completely portable and are inexpensive to rent. You can rent an air cooler from an online source for less than 1000 rupees a month. They are more friendly towards the environment and easy to use. 

Therefore, if you are moving to Bangalore and looking to furnish your new house on a tight budget, you can easily rent the above necessary appliances and cut costs.