Chris Broussard thinks Giannis has the clear edge over LeBron in the MVP race
Chris Broussard thinks Giannis has the clear edge over LeBron in the MVP race

By and by we come across a new more horrifying than the last.

Someone got robbed or mugged – the robber was armed … it ended with a stab in the stomach.

A mother left her children home alone to go to a nearby grocery store – came back after two hours only to find out her children not being home. All she found was the kidnapper’s note!

Not just the news channels but social media, as well as newspapers, are filled with such news from time to time. With the crime rate fluctuating each day with a sudden increase literally whenever – the best thing to do is focus on maintaining a more secure lifestyle. It doesn’t mean hiring a bodyguard or being armed. It just means that you take certain precautionary measures to make sure that yours, as well as the lives of your loved ones, are under no threats at least in your home.

Here are some ways to make sure your home is safe – threats would always exist but you can take a new step towards security every day. The first step is your home security, however.

Home Security Setup

There are two ways to get the home security setup. One is by letting the professionals take care of it for you and the second is for you to choose and do it by yourself.

The advantage of letting professionals set up a system at your home is that they know what they are doing. Moreover, they can be blamed in case of any problems. However, if you DIY a home security setup you can it as per your requirements. You will also have a better knowledge of your home than the professionals. Yet, we can’t ignore that the professionals are known for their work.

Outside World and Connections

You need a good phone connection to call 911 asap, in case of an emergency. You need a clear line to connect to the outside world. You also should have good internet service to connect to more people in lesser time. A high-speed internet connection alongside a phone line is a security setup in themselves. You could opt for bundle deals this year and save some money as well.

When going for an internet connection make sure you choose the one that protects you from hackers and provides security software. Beware of your social media information. You don’t need to tell everyone everything. Keep your private documents safe and password protected. Encrypt your data if you want to. Just make sure that your home isn’t just protected physically but also wirelessly.

Go for the internet service providers who would keep their words, dial Spectrum customer service number and see for yourself. You can’t afford dead weight in the name of connections that would fade into nothingness due to slow speed and unclear lines in the hour of need. Moreover, keep your mobiles charged. You should also have wireless chargers for such times. If you can get to the phone line – your mobile will help you connect to the outer world either by internet using WhatsApp and other social sites or on-net minutes.

Plan a plan

Sit with your family and derive a plan for such an event. In case, someone breaks into your home – everyone should know which room to gather into to hide and more importantly how to connect with each other. Here again, your mobiles and internet might come in handy in case of electric failure or the phone set being too far.

Make a safe room in your home with better locks and a phone line and other such requirements. Also, have code words amongst each other to discuss a situation. For instance, if a stranger threatened you to be quiet and introduced himself as your friend – you can always have a sentence to explain such a situation. For instance, this friend of mine likes a red vine but too bad we don’t have any to serve right now. Make a list of such statements and memorize it with your family.

Most importantly keep it to yourself. No need to tell anyone who doesn’t live within the boundaries of your home about this.


In the end, keep in mind that you can’t rely on just one or two things to make it work for yourself. Go take a karate class, if you want. Do anything that makes you feel safe. Feel better to do better.

Best of luck!


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