Rafael Nadal

The reigning tennis champion Rafael Nadal has withdrawn himself from this year’s US Open, stating issues concerning the coronavirus pandemic. It seems that the four-times winner at the Flushing Meadows is unwilling to travel to the United States. The primary reason is the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. As a result, there is a significant question mark about whether Rafael Nadal will be a part of the game season that commences on August 31. On the other hand, the Madrid Open 2020, in Spain, Nadal’s homeland, has already been canceled. The reason is, once again, the rise in the number of cases.

Rafael Nadal took to Instagram to announce his decision recently. In a post, he shares that he decides that it is not right for him to participate in the US Open 2020. He highlights the fact that the situation around the world is highly complicated presently. Moreover, the number of COVID-19 cases are continually on the rise. However, nobody in the world is still aware of the ultimate cure to the virus or the situation. Nadal adds that it is a tough decision for him, but he wants to listen to his heart this time. Since his heart tells him not to travel amidst the chaos, he chooses to abide by.

Rafael Nadal announces his decision

According to the tennis champion, the revamped schedule of the US Open 2020 is nothing short of barbaric. The main reason that justifies the fact is how the board has tried to compress multiple events within a short span. However, Nadal adds that he appreciates the efforts of the tournament organizers. It is commendable how they are working relentlessly to make everything run smoothly. In his post, he talks more about the crunching of the latest tennis calendar. Moreover, he also mentions that all the tour organizers are doing their best to make the event successful.

In the same Instagram post, Rafael also highlights the announcement of the cancellation of Madrid Open 2020. Moreover, he adds that he has high respect for the USTA, ATP, and the US Open organizers for their efforts. On the other hand, the mentioned people are trying their best to make the game season a success for the audience and the players. Besides, everyone across the world will enjoy the tournaments sitting in the comfort of their homes through the TV, of course!

The Madrid Clay Court Event 2020

The clay-court event of Madrid was supposed to take place in May 2020. Later, when the pandemic started taking a toll over the world, the game was postponed to take place in September. However, the increasing number of cases in Spain has now led to a complete cancelation. Sadly, we all have to wait till next year for the next update about the event. The clay-court event was to be played as the opening warm-up for the French Open as per the new schedule in September 2020. There were also plans to arrange for a bio-secure bubble for the ultimate security.

According to a statement from the tournament, the cancelation of the Madrid Open 2020 is a result of the discussion. It is a responsible initiative on the part of the team after proper evaluation of the present circumstances. Keeping in mind the events that the global pandemic is generating every day, the authorities are showing immense competence. Hence, the game that was first postponed to commence on September 12, 2020.

The board adds that they have had several sessions of discussions with the health experts and local authorities for months. Finally, the Mutual Madrid Open organizers found that they are left with no choice. The global pandemic due to COVID-19 is going to mar all events in the upcoming months as well. So, to avoid complicated situations, canceling the game is the best way out.

More rules and regulations

Apart from the announcement of the cancelation of tournaments, the Madrid Community also revealed new virus control methods. Everyone is becoming more cautious with the rapid spike in the number of COVID positive cases. Moreover, there is an official directive that states specific necessary regulations that everyone needs to follow. For example, not more than ten people can attend a social gathering, private, or public meetings. All of these aspects together ultimately bring down the feasibility of operating or organizing any big event such as a tournament.

Gearing up for the US Open 2020

While there is a series of events getting canceled in places across the world, the WTA for women has finally resumed. The Palermo Open marked the beginning of the tournament. However, news of one player had to pull out from the event after testing positive for COVID-19. On the other hand, the ATP tour for men will also be scheduled to start on August 22.

It is the first time that the event will begin operating from the massive halt that took place in March. Due to the increasing effects of the novel coronavirus, the world went into a standstill with lockdown and restrictions in every area on Earth. After a week, the US Open will witness its warm-up event in the same place. The Southern and Western Open will be the main warm-up attractions of the US Open.

On the other side of the world, the ATP and WTA regret the announcement of the cancelation of MUTUA Madrid Open 2020. According to the official joint statement, the unfortunate decision was a result of having no other option. Keeping the current scenario in mind, there is no other way but to abide by the laws and regulations of the medical experts and local health authorities. However, the board says that they are thankful and recognizes the efforts of the event organizers.

All of them have put in their best to try and find options to put up the event irrespective of the situation. They have been brave enough to face the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic is throwing at them every day.