The Birds, Being not in this year’s Super Bowl, are still champions off the field
The Birds, Being not in this year’s Super Bowl, are still champions off the field

The Eagles were chosen by many football analysts to win the Super Bowl, Let’s take a look at the contributions the Eagles made from the field in 2019 before being diverted to an unpurposed extension of the NFL’s off-season objectives.

Modeling Leadership
Security Malcolm Jenkins has become a “quarterback” of defense, calling audio and directing other players on the field.

You may also recall Jenkins’ handwritten cards to issue statements about NFL protests, gun violence, and social injustice.

This year, the Eagles nominated Jenkins for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, “honoring NFL players for their outstanding off-field community service activities and excellence on the field.”

His Malcolm Jenkins Foundation has been offering scholarships to seniors at the university for more than US .130,000 since 2012.

The Birds, Being not in this year’s Super Bowl, are still champions off the field

Jenkins coordinated a two-day meeting with NFL officials, politicians and lawmakers in Harrisburg to support legislation related to criminal justice reform, the Clean Slate Act.

Jenkins co-founded the Players Union, a public charity and advocacy organization, to promote social justice and racial equality.

Fundraising opportunities
Jenkins’ defense also led to the creation of the Eagles Social Justice Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation.

The fund provides grants to Philadelphia organizations that reduce barriers to equal opportunity. In 2019, the fund offered 22 local non-profit organizations a total of USD 373,000.

Grant recipients included Community Legal Services, Citizen Return Centre, and Inside Out Prison Exchange Program.

Philadelphia sports fans can always dismantle bad decisions and die at bad losses, we probably all asked for the work of players and coaches.

But we also love the unconditional people who accept and see the promises of our unsafe cities.

As a collection of statistics to our athletes, as well as members of a community with a rare and powerful platform, if it starts to see our athletes when we can transcend this game together.

Taking care of children
Autism research and awareness is a signature approach to Eagles President and CEO Jeffrey Ruley. Due to her family’s autism, The Ruly Family Foundation has donated more than .75 million to autism research and clinical programs.