Dennis Rodman

The former NBA Hall of Fame player Dennis Rodman openly stated his opinion regarding the ways of protest. He says that there is unnecessary looting, chaos, and destruction in the name of protests. Therefore, he is begging people to not engage in such activities because we are humans and not animals. He added that he has no intention to disregard the serious issue that has led to the protest all over the country. Besides, there is no way in which he would justify racial injustice and police brutality. However, he states clearly that peaceful protests are much better than vandalizing and creating chaos.

Rodman added, that a few people are crossing the line in the name of protest. In an exclusive video, NBA star Dennis Rodman urges people to come out of the other protestors from looting and stealing. He further adds that such activities will only create more issues rather than solving any. The former seems very upset and tells his viewers that everyone is going through a very bad situation. However, if someone has to protest, learning to do that correctly is very important. For that, there is no requirement of stealing or burning down properties. According to him, everyone in society is already facing a severe condition with the spread of COVID-19. The violence and chaos are only increasing the stress. Therefore, everyone must live together because we are human beings and not animals.

Voting rights for black people

While Dennis Rodman is still upset about the looting and vandalizing chaos across the country, he is now taking some major initiatives. The former Hall of Famer has now decided to raise money for the fund supporting the movement of “black Voters Matter”. The organization is trying to expand the progressive power of the black population and expanding its voting rights engagement. So, he has found a brilliant way to raise cash for the cause. Guess what? He is going to host a dinner auction soon.

Rodman’s representative Darren Prince faced an interview in which he spoke about the player’s state of mind presently. According to the prince, Rodman is highly disappointed by the kind of violence going on in light of George Floyd’s murder. He adds that there is a plan for hosting an auction dinner with just two lucky people. The benefits will thereafter be transferred to the “Black Voters Matter” Fund. The auction that is going on the website says that the player will dine with a guest and the winner of the auction.

The condition here is that the dinner will be a treat from the side of the winning bidder. The winner of the auction will receive merchandize from Fiterman Sports Group, memorabilia partners of Rodman. The introduction for the auction is quite attractive and it says that Dennis Rodman is a very unpredictable man. So, everyone must wait for what is going to happen at the auction. Till then, we have to keep guessing what it could be.

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