Boxer Floyd Mayweather Will Pay for the Funeral of George Floyd

A representative on behalf of boxing star Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he will bear the funeral cost of George Floyd. The death was declared a murder both in independent as well as official autopsy reports that were done on Monday. Derek Chauvin, the police officer whose pictures have been doing the rounds on the internet has been fired. He was kneeling on the neck of George Floyd has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder.

Chauvin kneeled on the neck of the man for over eight minutes while the former security guard was begging for help. He could not breathe and finally died when all his organs failed due to a lack of oxygen. The incident took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, the entire country is now burning in rage and protest against racism. George Floyd was 46 years old at death and his funeral is to be held on June 9 in Houston. Mayweather proposed to pay for the funeral along with a couple of other services that are going to be held in Minneapolis. Floyd was living in this region before he died most tragically. Floyd’s family is grateful and openly accepts Mayweather’s and they will let him pay for the services.

In an interview with the ESPN, Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather promotions says that he wants to reveal the news about the boxer’s decision although he will be angry at him for revealing much. The CEO also added that Floyd Mayweather has always been a kind person and has been helping people for the past 20 years now. There is widespread civil unrest in America presently. Moreover, President Trump has threatened protesters that he will deploy the military on the streets to control the situation.

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The movement and support

Several celebrities have joined into the movement with the slogan of #BlackLivesMatter. Some of them have also voiced their opinion about the incident and the most recent is Tiger Woods. He says that he is in shock about this horrific incident. He also conveyed condolences to the departed soul, along with his loved ones and family.

Macus Rashford, striker of the manchester united football team is also in a shock and has taken to social media to discuss the atrocious activities going on around. According to Tiger Woods, He has always respected the law and enforcement. He feels that their diligence to train people about where and when to use force is evident. However, the recent incident has crossed every level.

Woods added to his previous words. He said that the incident reminds him of the LA riots from where it became clear how important education is. He said that people can always prove their point. No one needs to burn their neighborhoods to be a part of any protest. According to the famous golfer, we can build a more unified and safer society by being a part of honest and constructive conversations. It is now a matter of patience of what steps are the government is taking to assure people that they are living a safe life in America.


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