Reche Caldwell

Donald “Reche” Caldwell, a popular former wide receiver of the NFL was killed when someone shot him on June 6. The incident took place in Tampa, Florida and the news was finally confirmed by Ian Rapoport. He is an NFL insider and a trusted source of course. Caldwell was 41 years old at the time of his death. The first reports about the horrific incident came from TMZ. Later, when reporters tried to interrogate the Tampa police about the incident, they denied any statement.

The only statement that we received from the side of Tampa police is that they are not yet authorized to release any kind of information about the victim and the incident. However, the police are investigating the scenario based on charges of homicide. Back in 2002, in a second-round pick from the side of the Chargers post appearing in Florida, Reche Caldwell played brilliantly in all four seasons. His total was 152 receptions, 11 touchdowns, and 1851 yards. This season was with the Bolts following which there were stints with the Redskins and Patriots as well.

Caldwell’s best campaign was his solo season in 2006 with the Patriots. In this, he had a record of 61 catches against 760 yards along with four scores. It was a part of the New England run during the AFC Championship Games. The same year, Donald Caldwell achieved the quarterback Tom Brady’s and the Patriot’s leading receiver. The last game season of Donald Caldwell’s career was in 2007 and he played against the Redskins in that. He is the elder brother of another famous sportsperson, Andre Caldwell. Andre is a former Bengals and Broncos receiver. He also won the Super Bowl with Denver.

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A sea of condolences

There are hundreds of tweets following the news of Donald Caldwell’s murder. All his colleagues, friends, and well-wishers are mourning his death through messages in his memory. The New England Patriots team tweeted that they are extremely saddened to know about the demise of their fellow former Patriot Caldwell. They sent prayers and thoughts to his friends and family. The tweet also has a picture of Caldwell in full action during a match. They have captioned the photo with the words “The Memoriam” along with his name.

The Los Angeles Chargers have also posted a heartfelt tweet. They are also extremely saddened about the death of the player and they also lent their support to all his loved ones. The tweet from the Washington Redskins also came up in which they remembered the former team member. They attached a picture of Caldwell with the team’s jersey on. The Patriots’ Head Coach Bill Belichick writes that he is very sad to know about the death of Reche.

He says that the player will be remembered by all and his contribution to the game is unmatched. Later, a special post on Twitter by Tom Brady made everyone else more emotional. It is a picture of Brady and Caldwell celebrating a happy moment. The photograph dates back to 2007. Other notable tweets include those of Wes Welker, Benjamin Watson, and Donte Stallworth.


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