Goodell Says That NFL Will Observe A Company-Wide Holiday On Juneteenth

In a recent interview with the commissioner of NFL, Roger Goodell, he clearly says that the league will recognize Juneteenth. An internal memo was circulated with his signatures stating that Juneteenth will be kept as a holiday. June 19 is known as Juneteenth and it marks an important event to support the cause of racial diversity. The day marks the important historical event where Abraham Lincoln declared the freedom of all slaves.

It is also termed as the ‘Emancipation Proclamation.’ The massive event took place on June 19, 1865 right after the Civil War had ended. Since then, it is expected that people in America will recognize this event rightfully. However, it does not happen everywhere, but things are different now after the racial violence that took place recently. Racial diversity has now become more serious now after the death of George Floyd.

In an interview, Goodell says that this year while working within our communities as big families, we must consider the fact that racial injustice. It is a deep-rooted issue that is hidden in the layers of society. Therefore, the NFL will observe Juneteenth, and all the league’s offices will remain closed on this day. The NFL commissioner added that this is more than just a day on which we look back in history.

He says that Juneteenth is an occasion on which every one of us should come together and try to build a better future. The decree has been announced just after the NFL decides to increase its financial commitment of $250 over the past decade. This is to fight systemic racism and to support the battle against the historic and ongoing torture that the African Americans are facing for years now.

The significance of Juneteenth at present

According to Roger Goodell, the day of Juneteenth was always a massive part of the omitted history of America. Besides, the day now means even more than ever in the light of the recent incidents that took place. Juneteenth is not just the day on which slavery ended, but also marks the freedom of the oppressed people. It is the same freedom that was brutally resisted and delayed. Although the country has come a long way in the context of progress, some people still have to fight to keep their places intact in society. Extra measures are now being taken after the innocent man George Floyd was killed brutally by a white policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Following the incident, we have witnessed constant protests. Besides, many influential people have come out to lend support to the protestors. People had almost forgotten about Juneteenth. Later, it was the present President Donald Trump that reminded the people of the date. He chose June 19 as the beginning of his promotion rally before the presidential votes. However, later, Trump was a part of several incidents of racism, trolling, blasphemy, and so on. The NFL spokesperson also said that they apologize for not participating in the protests earlier. However, they have now chosen this way to protest peacefully.