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Game of Thrones is once again a trending topic. With lots of action, lustful drama, and thrill; this amazing series on HBO Network has stunned its audience to the core. After the finale of Game of Thrones season 7 premiered on 27 August 2017, the fan-base has waited long enough to the final season, a.k.a season 8. To begin with, Game of Thrones season 8 Episode 1 predicted to bring down the walls of mankind after the army of undead arrives at the Seven Kingdom with a single motive of the destruction of humanity and of course, the memory of humans. 

To begin with, season 7 had a lot of twists and turns. John Snow and Daenerys finally lighten their journey of love and lust with an intimate scene. However, the audience felt bad for Tyrion as he has an unknown feeling for Daenerys but as he sees John entering her cabin, his heart gets broken. 

What happens next? Well! To begin with, this story would not have unfolded in the absence of Game of Thrones season 8 Episode 1. Hence, let’s take a recap and relive the beginning of the ending:

Game of thrones season 7

Why is the Episode called “Winterfell?”

To begin with, Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1 is titled “Winterfell” because, in the first scene of the show, John and Daenerys fly to Winterfell along with her Dothraki army and dragons. Apart from this, after Game of Thrones season 1, episode 2; John reunites with Arya and Bran for the first time. Thus, this moment is sincerely too emotional for the characters in the show as both little buds have grown and developed their superpowers, especially Bran who can see the past of anyone and everyone. 

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Summary

For the most part, this episode, aka Winterfell is divisible into 4 main plots, from the first scene to the last one. Let’s take a glimpse:

In the King’s landing

In the first scene of the episode, Cersei Lannister gets to know that White Walkers have breached the wall and arrive soon. This makes her happy. In the meantime, Euron Greyjoy who is the current controller of the Salt Thrones offers Cersei to have sex with him. The couple has sex. He claims to give her a child who could replace his earlier children. However, leaves the room which left Cersei once again unhappy. 

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Qyburn, on the other hand, manipulates Bronn against Tyrion and Jamie. Cersei orders Bronn to assassinate both of them. 

In the Narrow Sea

Furthermore, Euron Greyjoy in his Iron Islands has prisoned Yara for whom his brother, Theon arrives and frees her in the absence of Euron. Yara wants her island back, however, Theon wants to stand by Jon and Daenerys during the fight against white walkers. 

At Last Hearth

At the Last Hearth part, both Tormund and Beric somehow get away with the fall of Eastwatch. Consequently, they move forward to the Winterfell before the Night King as something horrific is going to happen. Hush! Spoiler Alert…

GOT Tyrion Lannister

At Winterfell

The entire last part of Game of Thrones season 8 Episode 1 takes place in Winterfell where Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Jorah Mormont, and Grey Worm arrive. Sansa Stark greets his brother and everyone in the Winterfell. In the next scene, John Snow along with Daenerys sees Bran as he visions of the Night King breaches the wall. 

Now, it was time to get ready to fight against the night king. However, the North Lords refuse to fight for Jon Snow as he betrayed his duty for the North as the King and has become a part of Daenerys’s kingdom. Although! They were not entirely wrong. 

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Since Tyrion is heartbroken, he holds vengeance against North now. Thus, he announced his army to march for the North. However, to fight against the Night King. At the end of the fight, Arya Stark kills the Night King by using the special blade that Jon had given her in Game of Thrones season 1. (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Sansa, not long after Jon and Daenerys arrive, senses the love between them. Further, she confesses that she thinks that Jon will bend the knee for his love Daenerys. At last, Jamie Lannister arrives at Winterfell as well. The first person he sees without intention is Bran (who he tried to kill in the first season, Episode 1).

Stay tuned for Game of Thrones season 8, Episode 2 summary!