Help Arm Wrestling

When arm-wrestling, grip position is of utmost importance. It can either make or break your performance. A good grip position allows you to see your opponent’s arm from a straight line. It should be strong enough to let you rotate your body to apply leverage. So, it’s clear that working on your grasp improves your chances. You can visit this website for more tips on wining to help arm wrestling duel.

You shouldn’t miss thick bars if your goal is building strong hands and a firm grasp. They’re designed for various lifts that target these areas and muscles you usually don’t target. And you can use them in different settings, from sports to weightlifting and arm wrestling, to build strength and mass.

When choosing thick bars, ensure they are durable and made of quality materials. Also, they should be big enough to accommodate a pair of plates or heavy blocks. The larger the diameter, the better, as grasping them requires more power and muscle involvement. 

Workout with Thick Bars- Help Arm Wrestling

You’ll automatically strengthen your hands, forearms, and fingers by performing exercises like bench presses and overhead presses with a thick handle. This training is superior to grippers and single-hand exercisers, which are one-dimensional. Wide handles replicate the natural movement of the human hand. People have evolved to use hands to lift objects, and this exercise requires your muscles to work harder.

You can do good grip training with regular dumbbells, but thick bars will challenge your stamina. So you should limit the weight you use on these exercises to prevent injury. These should be lower than the standard weights you use, as these exercises involve more muscles.

You can turn every exercise into a muscle builder with a thicker handle on workout tools. But it’s recommended that you take a week off after five to six weeks of thick-bar training. A rest week implies going back to normal weights and the standard handlebar. That increases the flexibility of your muscles and prevents their fatigue.

Grip Strength Increase – Help Arm Wrestling


Training with a wide grip can help you build hand and forearm strength. The wider tool you grab, the harder your muscles will work to grasp and hold the bar. You’ll likely struggle with the lighter weights at first, especially if you’ve just started working on your grip. But you’ll get used to the new thickness with practice and repetitions.

These exercises are beneficial for the entire upper body and help prevent boredom. Training with thick dumbbell grips will give your muscles a different stimulus and keep your workouts fun. Stick with it for at least six weeks, and then switch back to regular bar exercises. 

Joint Stability

Training with thick bars forces your muscles to work harder and requires more coordination to hold these tools. Also, you can focus on strengthening the smaller muscles that often hinder the growth of lean mass in other areas.

Besides improving the strength and conditioning of your forearm and hands, using thick handles also increases the biomechanics of the lift. It also eliminates weak links in the forearm, which are critical for joint stability. 

The bar’s thickness also allows you to engage more of the muscles in the forearms, biceps, and triceps. That makes the joints work harder to stabilize muscles. This increased activity also stimulates the nerves and lean tissue fibers, leading to increased strength, which is essential for arm wrestling.

Weight Distribution

The grip strength is crucial in arm wrestling, but it wouldn’t be possible without a stable body. So, training that focuses on your grasp should have elements that involve a larger group of muscles. That’s what tools with thick handles provide, which engages the entire forearm.

The one-inch handlebar, which is standard in most gyms, only includes the muscles at the bottom of the forearm. In the short term, you will strengthen this body part, but you expose yourself to joint injuries and stretched ligaments in the long run. On the other hand, the wider grip allows you to distribute the weight evenly and avoid overloading one muscle group.

Full Body Irradiation


Full-body tension is the key to strength, even in simple exercises. Irradiation is an exercise technique that increases the tension throughout the body and helps the target muscle contract harder. Because its effect is so powerful, you can apply it to any bilateral lift or bodyweight exercise.

The full-body irradiation benefits are immense, and they can translate to any exercise. Using thick bars will generate more resistance and higher muscle fiber stimulation in the fingers, forearms, and upper arms. That means fewer imbalances and injuries.

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The thickness of the handles forces the hand muscles to contract to the maximum. At the same time, they stimulate the surrounding connective tissue. That will ultimately lead to a stronger and more explosive squeeze, resulting in a firmer grip. 

By gripping the bar with a wide grip, you can fully contract these muscles and the surrounding connective tissues. You can use a towel or sponge between your hand and the bar to obtain a similar effect. That will result in a more complex exercise. 

If you’re in the process of building up your strength for an arm-wrestling competition, make sure to implement thick bars into your training. They boost grip strength, improve joint stability, and help you correct body posture. Also, if you’ve hit a plateau or are looking for new challenges, adding these tools to your workouts will be a game-changer.