As the cryptocurrency market dropped in the spring of 2022, the tendency of total decline is witnessed throughout all digital assets and projects. Many investors left the market, being scared of losing their savings. However, some people consider it wise to buy crypto at its bottom and wait until the market trend changes, thus, making a fortune in the future. That is a really wise decision because the essence of investment is to buy assets at a lower price and then receive a profit from selling them at a much higher rate.

Every crypto asset is characterized by:

  • price
  • market capitalisation
  • trade volume.

To get the price, divide the market cap by the number of tokens issued. But there is a much easier way to get the current value of cryptocurrency. Let’s talk about it.

Where Can I Get the Current Value of Cryptocurrency?

You can use any large crypto exchange to see current crypto prices. For example, the WhiteBIT platform. It has a list of digital coins with their prices and trade volumes. If you have any coins or even fiat money in your account, you may use the crypto trading calculator and check out how much money you need to buy this or that crypto coin. For example, you are a new user, and you want to buy BTC. So you register and pass verification, then attach your bank card and transfer the amount of dollars (euros, pounds) you wish to spend on buying crypto. Then go to the calculator and pick BTC and your currency. Pick the number of coins you want to buy. For example, 1 BTC. The crypto trading calculator will display the among or fiat money needed to acquire one Bitcoin.

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Actually, what do crypto values depend on? Let’s see:

  • demand and supply in the market;
  • competition;
  • total emission;
  • overall situation in the market;
  • trends (up or down);
  • news background.

Sometimes it happens that large investors sell out their coins massively, causing panic in the market and dropping crypto values.

To know more about how the market works, visit the WhiteBIT crypto exchange and its blog.


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