Cannabis Smoking Tips

When you belong to a sports team, travelling is sometimes needed, and you’ll have implement different methods to use CBD or smoke cannabis outside of your home. This can be a less than pleasurable experience if you stay in places where you’re unsure of the area and good smoke spots. These places can be hotels, your friend’s place, or sport’s residences. Primarily, despite the discretion that we have, there’s always a probability to be discovered, and for that reason, having the best possible relationship with your colleagues is always good. Obviously, this isn’t something everyone should know on the team, if you have 2 or 3 friends you can trust, that’s totally fine. Chances are, if you do that, you’ll feel protected and definitely avoid a having a bad trip. This is a small guide about Cannabis Smoking Tips n how to get high (lowkey) while on a trip away from home for a few days with a sports club while being safe at the same time.

1- Keeping your stash safe.

When going on a trip, packing the essentials is key, and of course that can include your hella dank nugs. For this, it would be ideal to use a Medtainer or a Dugout to keep your bud safe. A Dugout will keep your weed and a nice one-hitter pipe next to each other in the same little magic box. A Medtainer, which is an airtight waterproof container that does not emit any odor, allows you to carry up to 10gs, and even comes with a grinder.

stash safe.

Of course, if you can’t find these state-of-the-art products in the local quick store of your hometown, you can take about an eighth in a classic plastic bag. We highly recommend that you wrap it in laundry sheets to keep it from getting loud and a couple safe places to keep it are:

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-In the bottom of your shoes.

-A cool trick: inside a highlighter or marker.  

2- Special implements for the TRIP.

   To smoke, it’s necessary to have a series of tools that can vary depending of how you want to light up, such as a zeppelin, a small pipe, or rolling papers. If you feel sketchy about carrying a pipe at all times, then joints are probably better for you, or a vaporizer that won’t leave a stench behind. Apples are extremely useful as well, are easy to come by and are highly recommended for this kind of adventure. 

3- Know when and where to get high

       When trying to be as discreet as possible when you smoke, you’ll have to know your setting and practice schedule. Try to smoke in isolated hours during training and/or competitions. Preferably first thing in the morning (before sunrise) if wake and bake is your kind of thing, after lunch or at the end of the training, and finally, before bed. Initially, it would be ideal if you could smoke outside the establishment where you are and have a reasonable distance so that the smell isn’t noticeable. 

After practice, you can smoke under the bleachers while no one is sitting there, or maybe in the dugouts if you’re part of a baseball team. A perfect trick to disguise the concentrated smell of your weed is to bring a sploof with you. It’s pretty easy to make one, all you need is toilet paper roll and some laundry sheets.

       In the case of not being able to leave the establishment, because of security guards, or whatever the reason may be, you can always smoke in the hotel bathroom with the window open or with the shower on so that the steam puts the smell away. 

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To carry out this maneuver, you need to take a wet towel and wrap it like a burrito to put it at the line of light underneath the door to keep the smell from getting out. It’s important that you try to contain the smoke for at least 10 seconds so that you don’t fill the room with clouds. If you are going to smoke in the bathroom, don’t hesitate to turn on the air ventilator after you’re done blazing, or you could also take a shower to remove any remaining odor. 

  In the wonderful case of bringing a teammate to smoke along, it’s totally cool to take turns keeping an eye out while the other is toking. This can avoid any unnecessary hang-ups.

4- Always carry eye drops with you.

       Having red eyes can be a dead giveaway of your recreational habits, and let’s be honest, the “I’m just tired” excuse isn’t always believable. Try to always carry eyes drops with you in case your eyes get very red, this can be defined as a pothead’s camouflage. Sunglasses can be helpful or even a last resort if you didn’t bring eye drops along. 

5- Edibles.

       Now if you want to avoid any sketchiness whatsoever or even smoking at all, but still want to get faded, edibles are the best way to go. You can make cookies or even bring some of your best cannabutter along. No one will know the recipe you used for these delights, but be aware, an edible high can be really strong.

      We hope this helps you achieve your goals of lighting up without setting any alarms, and remember to always keep it cool, stay safe, listen to your instincts, and leave little to no evidence behind. Most importantly, have a good time, no pressure, enjoy your trip and stay high.



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