icc set to postpone t20

ICC Set to postpone T20, world cup 2020 delayed

ICC set to postpone T20 .The ICC T20 World Cup 2020, to be held in Australia, is set to be postponed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. An official announcement will be made at the ICC meeting later this month.

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World Cup 2020 is likely to be postponed until 2022

The Coronavirus pandemic is set to make the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 its next big victim. With the International Cricket Council reportedly set to postpone the event to next year. Scheduled to take place in October-November in Australia, the T20 World Cup’s fate has been under discussion for long. And now an official announcement is imminent.

 BCCI Opinions

BCCI Chief Executive Officer Rahul Johri said, “cricketing activities can start only after the monsoon. But is optimistic about the IPL 2020 happening this year”.

“There is a good chance that postponement of World T20 will be decided during Thursday’s board meeting. Whether there will be a formal announcement or not is the question,” an ICC board member told.


ICC World Cup Highlights


1)Cricket Australia has mentioned that staging the T20 World Cup this 12 months is ‘unrealistic’.

2)But regardless of Cricket Australia’s reluctance, the ICC has not been in a position to take a last name.

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3)An official phrase on postponement of the T20 World Cup will permit BCCI a window to plan for the IPL.

T20 World Cup, Revised Dates

“While the revised dates of the T20 World Cup will not be announced, the decision on T20 World Cup, in all probability, will be taken. That decision should be the postponement of the tournament,” well-placed sources informed India Today.


“There are logistics and hospitality to take care of. If the tournament would’ve happened, it’d have been played to empty stands and that doesn’t make sense for Australia. Because they lose out on massive gate revenue. Right now, what they’ll be getting out of the tournament is the hosting and participation fee (latter is applicable to all participating boards). They can earn that money whenever the tournament is held next, possibly some gate revenue too,” sources tracking developments were quoted as saying by the newspaper.

ICC Rescheduled T20

“There is very little chance of World T20 going ahead in this situation. I don’t think either Cricket Australia or the top boards will mind,” the ICC member added.


Last week, BCCI Apex Council member Anshuman Gaekwad said the ICC T20 World Cup which is supposed to be held this year, seems unlikely to go ahead.


“I have my doubts that, T20 WC will be held this year. About IPL, we cannot think of just now. It will depend on Indian conditions,” Gaekwad told PTI Bhasha.

world cup Postponed, ICC decisions

ICC set to postpone T20. With the T20 World Cup also scheduled to be held in 2021, the cricket boards and the ICC are virtually left with no other option but to schedule the mega event in 2022. With Australia retaining the hosting rights. “The tournament cannot be held in February-March. Neither in 2021 nor 2022. It’ll have to be the October-November window,” Times of India had quoted its sources as saying on the matter.

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ICC Postpone T20

An ICC spokesperson, however, has said that no decision over the postponement of the event has been taken yet. The same will be discussed in the meeting on Thursday and a decision will then be taken.



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