Bet On Lawn Tennis

Bet on lawn tennis is relatively easy compared to betting on a sport like water polo or having to predict who wins a political post in an ongoing election. The first step to betting on lawn tennis is the most crucial part: choosing from one of the best betting sites to get started.

Your betting site should have good factors like easy navigation, multiple payment options, valid legal information, big bonuses, and promotional offers. Once you pick a betting site with these factors, you can continue to make your deposit and get started on betting on Lawn Tennis.

What are the available betting options in Lawn Tennis? The following headings will explain and give you the information you’ll ever need on the topic.

The Moneyline/Outright Winner Bets

This bet option is similar to those you find in baseball and hockey matches, and it is the most popular bet type in lawn tennis. It’s where you place your money on a player to win a tournament. This betting feature is also known as the “to win” wager, and it’s the most straightforward of all the bets in lawn tennis.

It’s also the best option for new players to consider, and you can pick your bet by looking at the ratings of the players involved in the tournament – this strategy might not always work. For example, if you think Novak Djokovic will win the next tournament, you bet on him as the outright winner, and if he does win, you’ll be winning too.

This betting option is usually available before a major tournament, where you’ll get all available odds on the competition players. These odds typically pay more than your wager amount. For example, if you bet $200 on a player and they win, you’ll get a profit of more than $200. However, if you pick a favourite, you’ll win lesser money than if you selected that one.

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The Moneyline helps with this favoritism; for instance, If you bet $100 on a player that’s +200 on the money line, you’ll get a profit of $200 when that player wins. In contrast, if another player was -120 on the Moneyline, you’ll need to bet $120 before you can win $100, should the player emerge the winner.

You might find the underdogs in the range of +10000 to +20000 on the Moneyline, which implies you can get a profit of $10000 to $20000 on a bet of $100. You should know that this is the toughest of the competitions, and you bet it is unlikely to pull through.

The Match Bet

This bet option is similar to the Money line/Outright winner bet. You’ll bet on the players of each match in a tournament. The betting feature gives you the window to pick the winner of an individual game and adjusts the game’s odds. The favourite pays lesser money than the underdog.

The Moneyline for match bets is modified according to how the public bets, and you should keep an eye out for that. You can get some great winning opportunities with this if the public tilts too much to the loser. But unfortunately, in lawn tennis, the betting public is not always correct, and there’s every tendency to move the paylines incorrectly.

The Handicap Bet

If you have doubts about your player winning a match, you can use this bet option. It’s for punters who think their player will do better than usual in a game but still lose. It’s similar to spread betting, where you can give a set of games to the underdog to even out the playing field. If the Moneyline is set correctly for handicap bets, the player who exceeds expectations wins the bet.

A handicap bet is also independent of the total outcome of the match. For instance, if two players, A and B, have lines -3.5 and + 3,5 respectively, it says the public takes player A as the favourite and expects to win by 3.5 games while player B is likely to lose by 3.5 games. If the player you bet on now exceeds the public’s expectation, you win your bet. 

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Recall it’s not about the total outcome of the game. So, for example, if you bet on a player to lose by 3.5 games and the player loses only by one or two games, you’ll lose your bet.

The Over/Under Bet

This bet option is on how many sets you think will take the match to complete. In this option, you do not need to pick a winner as you can only select the game’s duration. For example, for a 3-match setting, you have the choice to bet over or under 2.5 sets.

For an under 2.5 bet in a 3-match setting, you’re betting that the match will end in straight sets while you’re betting that the game will take three sets; if you’re betting over 2.5 sets,

The Exact Score Bet

This bet option is for the genies of lawn tennis who want to play at higher risks. This bet option lets you predict the exact scores of each set or the number of sets a player will win in a match. The winnings from these bets are enormous and come with paylines as high as +15000.

The Prop Bets

This betting option lets you bet on things that are not precisely related to the outcome of the match or tournament. For example, you can bet on the round a player gets eliminated, if there’ll be a tie-break, what players last longest in the tournament, etc. This feature introduces fun to your tennis bets.

As you make your wagers and explore the world of tennis, familiarise yourself with the odds, and the game rules, understand serves and returns, take notes of playing styles, and keep a record of helping in your predictions.



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