Microsoft is a global organization that offers not only top-scale products but also certifications that equip candidates with the most actual skills and knowledge in the chosen domain. Their credentials are intended for newbies, professionals, and experts. To gain any you’ll have to pass one or more exams, that validate your skills. The core topics of this article is 70-346 assessment that qualifies you as an expert in Core Infrastructure and grants you an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) badge. In this post, you’ll know the tips on how to excel in this exam. So, let’s go!

About MCSE: Core Infrastructure Credential

The MCSE PrepAway Exams badge in the highest one in the Microsoft Certification Program that you can gain. The key technology explored in MCSE Core Infrastructure credential is Windows Server Virtualization. It proves your capability in managing a modern data center and dealing with various aspects of the system. To earn this badge, you have to pass one exam from the pool of tests provided on the Microsoft official page. Of course, 70-346 assessment is one of these assessments, so let’s talk about it in detail below.

Microsoft 70-346 Exam Overview

This exam will evaluate your skills in designing, implementing, and maintaining a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. The topics listed below are the main areas you will be tested on in the exam:

  • Server infrastructure planning and deployment
  • Network infrastructure service design and implementation
  • Network access service design and implementation
  • Active Directory infrastructure (logical) design and implementation
  • Active Directory infrastructure (physical) design and implementation

As for the exam procedure, you will have to answer between 40 to 60 questions within 150 minutes. To be considered for this assessment, it’s compulsory to pay the fee, which equals $165. In order not to fail the test and not to splash out on another try, you must prepare for the test properly. The next passage will reveal the tips that will make your exam prep process far easier.

Tips and Tricks to Ace 70-346 Test

Unfortunately, Microsoft exams, including 70-346, are generally tough. So you have to use a couple of tips and tricks to deal with them. Here go some helpful tips you can make use of to prepare for 70-346 exam:

  • Create a study plan

Working according to a plan is the best way to assure that you get things done on time and that you don’t miss out on anything. Create a study plan to get ready for your 70-346 test, too, which will increasingly boost your chances to do well in the assessment.

  • Search for valid exam prep materials

Most of the time we just surf the internet and believe whatever we see. It’s the same when it comes to studying exam course content. There is always a chance that what you see is not entirely true and is presented by novices. Therefore, it’s better if you spend some time to find valid and updated 70-346 exam prep resources available online.

  • Study the objectives

This is a crucial step that many candidates overlook. By having an idea about the objectives you can steer your route of study according to it. This means that you will be able to organize your learning process according to the exam objectives, which eventually will lead you to success.

  • Reward yourself

Many people find studying to be very boring. Of course, there is a reward waiting for you right at the end (the certificate), but it’s really not enough to motivate a lazy student. So, you may stick to a habit to praise yourself for completing each step towards your goal. This way, you can stimulate yourself to toil to complete the upcoming tasks as well.

  • Use exam dumps

Exam dumps are a great way to get an idea about the structure of the exam and the format of the questions. You can download free actual 70-346 exam dumps from These dumps were uploaded by the recent exam-takers who decided to share their experience of passing this test. Of course, to perform much better in the assessment, you can choose the paid 70-346 Premium bundle containing 264 questions & answers, a training course with 106 lectures and a study guide. This package goes in only for $39.97. It’s a real bargain, isn’t it?

  • Time your papers

It is pointless to do questions by taking your own time because anyone can do that. What matters is that you answer the question within the given time. Which, in this case, is 150 minutes. So when attempting practice tests, make sure you time them. And this is where we need to mention the VCE Exam Simulator which, first of all, will help you open the items from Prepaway and secondly, will create the actual exam environment with the corresponding timing. Thus, the VCE Player will assist you with time-management.

  • Summarize

Trying to remember and memorize chunks of text is an unsuccessful and impossible way to prepare for an exam. Most of the time you would just end up forgetting or mixing up more than half of the content. A better way to remember things is to summarize them and put them into short bullet points that hint at the full content. This way, you will be memorizing less, but carrying more content into the exam.

Hope these tips will 100% facilitate your learning process. And now it’s time to recap.


Getting yourself certified is the best way to showcase your skills. However, to become certified you have to pass various exams. Likewise, to obtain the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential, you must perform well in 70-346 test. Now don’t be discouraged by the fact that Microsoft exams are tough to crack because with all the best resources at hand and the right amount of dedication, acing 70-346 exam is going to be a piece of cake. Just follow the tips from thearticle and use free reliable Prepaway’s exam dumps to do your best in the exam! Go ahead!