The fitness industry is on the rise, with more and more people joining the gym. Perhaps you have seen your favorite online fitness influencer or athlete and are inspired to get in shape. However, these people usually dedicate hours upon hours to fitness. Luckily, some of the latest innovations in the way people exercise to allow for much quicker yet more effective workouts. Electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) training is one of the newest fitness protocols, which is based on emitting electrical signals that cause the muscles to activate.

Faster recovery

One often overlooked aspect of training is recovery. When people see online fitness content and cherry-picked videos or photos, they are left thinking that by doing more you will get better results faster. However, just like with everything, there are diminishing returns. No single aspect of training, whether that is strength, hypertrophy or simply burning fat and maintaining cardio, is going to become easier or more effective the more you do it. In fact, the results are the opposite. For instance, if you are lifting heavy weights (80-90% of your one repetition max) for a prolonged period, your central nervous system and ligaments are going to become fatigued. The chance of injury goes up drastically. However, EMS training doesn’t overload your joints, yet it allows you to elicit full activation of your muscles. In the fitness world, this is called a good stimulus-to-fatigue ratio, so you want to cause maximal muscle stimulation while minimizing fatigue. EMS will lead to faster workouts but also faster recovery from those workouts.

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Train coordination

Muscles can get large and strong, however, what good are they if they are not all firing in unison properly? Gym workouts usually focus on isolation movements, where a muscle such as a bicep is taken through its full range of motion, but the rest of the body is fixed in place. This is why gym workouts take so long. By the time you finish all your isolation exercises, you lost a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, EMS builds muscles and strength in a coordinated manner. The method focuses on improving how your body moves overall using compound movements while the electric signals are constantly firing, allowing you to take full control of your entire system. This is an excellent way to release maximal neural drive, improve the coordination of your movements and build tremendous core strength.

Burn extra calories

Maintaining good energy expenditure is a really important part of any good workout program. Without this, it is impossible to consistently lose excessive body fat. Since most gym workouts focus on you performing fixed isolation movements on machines, your total energy expenditure might be too low to effectively burn extra calories. By contrast, EMS training is extremely efficient because it burns a lot more calories per session simply because they combine compound movements with the total muscle activation benefits of electrical stimulation. So, you are effectively getting more out of less each time you work out.


Relieve back pain

There is an ongoing lower back pain epidemic. Many people report feeling sharp back pain that comes and goes. This is because the modern lifestyle requires us to sit for prolonged periods of time. However, the cause of back pain is not sitting, but the lack of movement that would otherwise strengthen crucial stabilizer muscles. Namely, the core muscles such as your rectus abdominis, multifidus and obliques play a major role in stabilizing your spine. There is no such thing as good posture. Rather, the best posture is your next one. In order to have a healthy and strong back, you have to perform whole-body movements, where EMS can help you feel all the aforementioned muscles. The transformation is truly incredible. However, your muscles will be much stronger and you won’t feel any backaches‌. Not only that, but you will become much more mobile and flexible throughout your day.

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Gain functional strength

If you are very active throughout your day, but your muscles give up on you ‌the solution isn’t to rest more. This is essentially a closed loop. Your muscles will constantly feel fatigued, no matter how much you rest. Instead, introduce a good stimulus that will help you build functional strength. EMS is a great tool for building functional movement patterns that have a tremendous carryover to real-life activities. We need to visit such gym in hyderabad .

The revolution of training comes with EMS. This technology helps you save time and have more efficient workouts. In addition, you will be able to boost your coordination, burn extra calories, relieve back pain, and gain functional strength.


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