Professional Football Players

Professional footballers need to be fit and healthy to play the full 90-minute match, or on some occasions 120 minutes. Therefore, when footballers reach the fitness centre, they typically focus on the following, heavy weight training to increase strength and size, or certain exercises to increase their athletic performance, however, training both is important as they need to stamina and to be athletic as well as to have strength to outmuscle their opponents. 

With that being said, any professional in any sport must follow a strict exercise routine to keep up with other professionals to perform to their best, these sporting professionals tend to spend all day every day working on their body and training with their selected sport. That’s most likely why the sport industry is so intense and competitive and why millions of people around the world tune in on their TVs to watch their favourite player or team play. 

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Let’s look at what exercises Footballers do

High Intensity Interval Training on the Treadmill  

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a type of exercise that replicates the rhythmic patterns of a real football game, where you might toggle between walking around the pitch and sprinting into the box. It prepares your body to switch quickly from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism and back. As a result, your body will learn to use oxygen more efficiently to prepare for the next sudden change of pace.

Lateral Band Walks 

Burpee pull-ups work a wide range of muscle groups, including your arms, chest, quads, glutes, and hamstrings, while trying to push your body to its limits. They’re fantastic for conditioning and endurance because they elevate your heart rate quickly, simulating what happens when you sprint for the ball. Here’s a fact, Burpee Pull Ups is a Cristiano Ronaldo favourite, and he tends to do this exercise quite a lot. 

Dumbbell Bench Step Ups

Dumbbell Bench Step Ups is recommended to all footballers because they help the muscle when going from a sprint to a jump to hit those fantastic set piece headers.