Madras High Court


The Indian skipper Virat Kohli is again in trouble with his advertisement promotion. According to the reports, a petition in Madras high court has filed against the Indian cricket captain in promoting online gambling. The petition also includes the popular actress Tammana Bhatia for advertising in online gambling games. The allegation against the Indian captain is very concrete enough. A Chennai-based lawyer filed the case in madras high court, alleging that Virat and Tamanna are misguiding the country’s youth by promoting online gambling games.

Indian Skipper In Trouble

The Indian skipper known for his fiery performance in the field is in trouble this time. Virat Kohli is the leading advertising promoter of the Mobile Premier League (MPL). According to a petition filed in Madras, high court, such as online gambling, spoils youngsters’ lives. Moreover, many suicide cases reported in Tamil Nadu linked with gambling games.
Furthermore, many people invest a lot of money in such online gambling. In fact, the invested money never gets in return. Indeed, that creates financial pressure in people and results in committing suicide. Recently a Chennai youth committed suicide associated with such online game gambling’s.

However, the petition is clearly against the Indian captain for promoting such advertisements. The lawyer petitioner stated that Virat being the most star player of the country, can influence the youngster’s mind. So being part of this gambling advertisement misleads the youth.It’s the third time the Indian skipper is getting in trouble in the last three weeks. Besides this petition, Sanjeev Gupta, the former member of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA), gave a petition against Virat claiming conflict of interest.

Madras High Court

In the context of the petition filed against Indian skipper, the madras high court will hear the case in the coming days. Moreover, a jury headed by popular justice Sundarersh and Surya Prakash has postponed the case on August 4. The petition seeks the arrest of Indian captain for promoting the gambling of online games.

Furthermore, the petition mentions that the youngster who committed suicide had financial debts caused by online gambling games. Also, the person was unable to repay it, which resulted in his suicide. The social responsibility of the Indian skipper gets questioned in this context. Moreover, the petition also adjudicates the ban on all such online gambling games.


Virat with his wife Anushka Sharma and family lives in Mumbai. The skipper had a five months break from the field due to the corona pandemic. Even though he was not active in the area, he continually touches his fans through social media.The Indian captain is now under the training for the 13th Indian Premier League (IPL). The IPL events get postponed due to coronavirus. But directly the events reschedule for mid-September in UAE.

Virat hasn’t made his response till now to this petition. The case hearing by the high court on August 4 will be necessary. The main question that remains is whether this petition affects Indian skipper’s career. However, to get an answer, we have to wait for Madras high court’s verdict.