Ravi Shastri applauded Sourav Ganguly and didn’t fail to mention that he has the utmost respect for him. Ravi Shastri has been serving as the head coach for the Indian National Cricket team.

He mentioned that there had been no rift between him and Ganguly. He respects Ganguly for taking over as the head of the team at these difficult times.

He commented that the news of rift between him and Ganguly is just a brilliant chaat and the best bhel puri for the media.

Ever since the public fall out in 2016 at the time of selection of the Indian team’s head coach, several instances of rifts between the duo have been reported.

Ravi Shastri Said to Sourav Ganguly: Go to Hell

Shastri expressing his admiration for Ganguly, mentioned that he respects Ganguly for taking over as the head of BCCI at these difficult times.

He further commented that the news of rift between him and Ganguly was after the match-fixing scandal in 2000.

Mohammad Azharuddin was involved in a match-fixing scandal and was later banned by the BCCI for a lifetime. The scandal was shown in the news for months.

“Ganguly took over the captaincy in the most difficult times. You have to have the faith of the public to return. His contribution as a cricketer is worth praising. I have the utmost respect. If people believe that I do not respect that, to hell with them. As far as the Sourav Shastri game that goes, that is a brilliant chaat and bhel puri for the media,” – says the head coach Shastri.

Earlier, when media asked Ganguly about his rift with Shastri, he mentioned – “ that is why it is a speculation. I do not have an answer for it. It is rather simple. It is more about your performance. You perform, you persist, or somebody else would take over. It is a simple formula.”

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