Online Dating Apps Presently

Online dating may be a result of modern technological development but the concept behind it is not very new. It is the result of human instinct which says that human beings are always interested to make friends and find love from there. These online dating sites are the only modernized tools to communicate with people. People have tried to dive their loneliness away in many ways and for years. Some years ago, the ways we’re not able to produce prompt results. Let’s see online dating: the most popular apps presently.

Earlier documentations prove that people used to put advertisements to have friends as well as life partners. There are pieces of evidence in support of this in many countries like the UK. The earliest evidence of such an advertisement is found in the year 1695 as in the year 1690, the first newspaper was printed.

Then came the concept of social media when in 2003, MySpace was created. This was the first block of the mainstream social media platforms. Almost during the same time, Facebook was created to be a medium of communication among the students of Harvard University. This was basically a “Hot or Not” rating community for the students of that campus. Many other companies also tried to make their own social media sites like PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, and Badoo.

After 2012, tinder and Hinge became two of the most favorite sites of online dating. Through these sites, people started finding their love and due to this, the popularity of these sites touched the sky as well. As a result of that, Tinder got nearly 50 million users throughout the world till 2018 and there are 20 billion successful matches through it since its inception.

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At the same time, other dating apps also were not trailing behind since Badoo got users amounting to 1.5 times the population of the USA. Through the survey launched by Betway Online Casino, we have got some of the names of the countries where these online dating apps are tremendously popular.

As per research, Tinder has occupied the top spot of the list of global popularity and therefore you just need to turn this app on to fetch your match. It became the highest-rated dating app as per the scores of the iOS app store which amounted to nearly 86%.

Badoo became the runners-up of the list though the popularity quotient didn’t even come in comparison to tinder. It was just 7% but in terms of real users, it is having a huge advantage over Tinder. The US-based dating app Bumble is among the top 3 of the list and is holding a very good rank according to the app store ranking. It has lots of users in the US whereas the acceptability is lesser outside the USA. Though this app has a user base of 42 million, still there are only a few countries where this app is popular.


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