Dubai is known for the fast cars and fancy skyscrapers but in recent years the country has been paying a lot of attention to attracting more sporting tourists and especially golfers due to them being able to provide some amazing golf courses in the sun. There are betting sites not on gamstop that are being visited by a lot of golfers looking to place their golf bets here for the upcoming tournaments that could be featured in Dubai if the courses are completed on time.

Why Dubai?

Dubai has always been a popular destination that many of us would love to visit at some point and this is where the country has turned its attention to providing for all types of people and especially people who have an interest in different sports. Horse racing has already become popular in Dubai and now golf looks set to follow in the footsteps of this. Dubai has realised the potential for income and attracting more tourists if they can offer different golf courses.

The UAE is looking to do all that it can to attract more golfers to Dubai and is looking to get some world-class courses completed in the hopes that one day they can host a golf tournament that features the best players from around the world taking part. 

Dubai is one of the places that most of us would like to visit at one point with there being so many different tourist attractions there to choose from. Adding golf courses to the long list of things to do in Dubai will only open the door to even more tourists and sports fans wanting to head out there. 

Dubai has made sure to now have some of the most advanced and attractive golf courses that you can find. There are now plenty of people that will go to Dubai for a golf holiday now knowing that they can play on some of the best courses in the world and this has motivated the country to have even more golf courses placed around at different locations.

As you can see above Dubai is taking it seriously about building some world-class golf courses on top of the ones that are already there now. Golf in Dubai looks set to be a popular tourist attraction for many of us golfers back home who are looking for a different country to go and play in.