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When one is involved in a car accident, determining fault is done by figuring out who acted negligently. However, even before doing this, you want to be assured your health is not at risk. The next thing is to...
No country celebrates sports like the USA. The love for all things athletic penetrates deep into our skin and flows in each of our veins, forming an integral part of all our lives. Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has led to suspension of all major sporting events around the globe. To all the sports fans out there stuck in their homes, this can be a trying time. It makes you wonder if everything will ever be the same again and you’d be right in asking this question. Your worry is valid and this article will hopefully help you make sense of this rapidly changing world around us and guide you on how to cope with it. List of Suspended Sports Luckily, we had the Super Bowl this year, the most awaited game of the year, so we’re grateful that happened. But, on the other hand, there are a number of lined up games that have been suspended for the time being. Here’s a list of all the sport we’re missing. The NCAA basketball tournament This includes the regional semifinals, Indianapolis region and the regional semifinals, Houston region 15 games of MLB This includes Washington Nationals at New York Mets, Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins at Oakland Athletics,Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins, Colorado Rockies at San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates at Tampa Bay Rays, St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves at Arizona Diamondbacks. Six NBA games These include the Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs at Minnesota Timberwolves, Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz at Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks at Sacramento Kings. Eight games of NHL These include the Toronto Maple Leafs at Carolina Panthers, Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins, New York Rangers at Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers at Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres at New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers at Detroit Red Wings, New Jersey Devils at Minnesota Wild and Los Angeles Kings at Nashville Predators. What the Future Holds It’s not like the games won’t happen again, so don’t worry. However, the time apart has really got people thinking and we might see some change in the future games. New NBA format People being holed up in their homes has led to them coming up with a lot of ideas, some great, others bizarre. Here are a few smart suggestions worth considering and introducing into the next NBA playoffs: Getting rid of the corner 3-pointer Allowing players to shoot one free throw for 2 points, and Eliminating live-ball timeouts These ideas are implementable, but would require smoothing out some creases. It’s sure to give the game a facelift and spice it up. What do you think? There are a few other radical changes people have expressed interest in bringing about. And, while they have potential, they might just change the game forever. So, what are they? Well, how about eliminating foul outs? If you get frustrated when your favorite players have to sit out for most of the game, this offers a solution to that. While we wouldn’t say it should be phased out completely, but increasing the foul-out number from six to ten should be looked into. Some people suggest introducing a two-point penalty for Eurofouls. Let’s be real, nobody likes them, especially when a no good player makes it impossible for us to see the best player be their best. Giving the fast-breaking team possession of the ball as well as two points is sure to speed up the game and make it more engaging. What you can do in this Lockdown This is an unforeseen event that is rocking the world. Sitting at home can be fun, but here’s what you can do to keep yourself entertained. Re-watch Historical Games Well, there are no new games for you to play so why not take the time to binge on past match ups that made history? Sure, you know who won and who lost, but watching the players fight it out on the field is a glorious sight to see. Feel their energy, their anger, their competitiveness and get into the moment. You’ll soon forget if the game was old and start rooting for teams anew. Great way to catch up with your favorite teams, this is a sure fire way to keep you entertained for long. Watch Top Sports Shows and Documentaries There are a number of great shows centered on sports, after all sports is an integral part of our lives. Here is a list of must watch shows and documentaries: Tiger King – Netflix Docuseries Icarus Last Chance U Cheer The Dawn Wall Formula 1: Drive to Survive Screwball Covering a range of different sports you’re sure to find one on your favorite game. Watch Sports Movies If you’d prefer a little more fiction, we’d suggest you do a movie marathon instead. This is the perfect time to watch the classic Fight Club again. Or, if you’re tired of it, here’s a list of some more you’re sure to find interesting. Love & Basketball I, Tonya Remember the Titans Rudy The Natural Girlfight The Harder They Fall There are a ton of movies out there, their combined run time sure to tide you over for the next two months. So worry not, get comfortable on the couch and let the movies begin. Before you know it, the novel corona virus will be contained and life will get back to normal. Final Words Countries the world over are fighting hard to control the spread of this virus. Every one of us should do our part. Stay indoors and practice social distancing to level the curve and ensure the medical facilities are not overburdened. Till the games are on hold, get a Spectrum Gold plan to tide you over. The amazing channel line-up is sure to keep you entertained. Sure you’ll miss people but taking precaution to curb this viral menace should be the top priority for all of us. So, take care and keep watching!

Covid-19 and Sports: The Impact of the Virus and How to Cope With It

No country celebrates sports like the USA. The love for all things athletic penetrates deep into our skin and flows in each of our veins, forming an integral part of all our lives. Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has led...


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