Ways Athletes Are Utilizing CBD

From intense training and practice regimens to strict diets and supplements, athletes are always looking for healthy ways to improve their game. We all know that CBD has become incredibly popular in the health and wellness communities, but it’s impressive effects and versatility have proven useful for athletes as well. Both professionals and amateurs alike are utilizing pain relieving CBD topicals after long workouts, CBD spa treatments to relax and revitalize, as well as a variety of CBD products to suit their individual needs.

With such an incredible variety of CBD products to choose from it can be hard to narrow it down and figure out which products will provide the optimum benefits for your athletic endeavors. We decided to help our readers out and provide them with five popular ways that athletes are using CBD to help up their game, relax after the game, and soothe those aching muscles. You work hard and play hard, so when it’s time to relax and take care of yourself, you need to do it with the same vigour and commitment. So take a breather, give those muscles a break, and let’s talk about CBD and the modern athlete!

  1. CBD Topicals

There are all kinds of fantastic CBD topicals that are not only incredibly relaxing and full of CBD, but are also incredibly soothing and can be the perfect thing for those days when you come home tired and sore from a hard day of exercise or training. One of our favorite CBD topicals is a CBD overnight recovery balm, that is great for the skin and provides a bunch of valuable ingredients that help the muscles get the rest and recovery that they desperately need. Another great CBD topical option for athletes is a CBD muscle and joint cream whose name says it all. You get all of the benefits of CBD while treating your muscles and joints to anti-inflammatory botanicals and a variety of soothing ingredients.

2. CBD Infused Gummies

CBD infused gummies are a relatively new player in the CBD game. Who didn’t like gummy bears when they were a kid? Well, as an adult who is conscious of their health, and pursuing their best self, a sugar-filled, artificially flavored gummy made from animal gelatin just doesn’t seem all that appealing. Fortunately, that is not at all what CBD gummies are. We prefer CBDfx gummies because they are organic, all natural, made with pectin instead of animal gelatin, and even come in a variety of infusions including CBD+biotin gummies, CBD+apple cider vinegar gummies, and CBD+melatonin gummies for those nights you need to rest but can’t stop thinking about the big game the next day. Finally gummies don’t have to be a guilty pleasure, but can be a delicious, justified, and beneficial part of your health and fitness regimen.

3. CBD Bath Salts

Relaxing baths have always been a part of the athletes arsenal of tools to combat aching muscles and provide some much needed relief. This tried and true classic has gotten completely revamped. We absolutely love to soak in bath salts, and we absolutely love the benefits of CBD, so the ability to combine them both is an opportunity that can’t be missed. Whether you’ve completed your 45 minute circuit training to get ready for your big boxing match, or you’re training for your next big marathon, it is absolutely essential for your muscles to fully recover. We highly recommend utilizing regular baths to help stimulate muscle recovery, and adding CBD bath salt to that soothing bath will make it an even more enjoyable experience. These bath salts also have therapeutic aromatic properties that help the athlete clear their mind so they can perform at their best.

4. CBD Gel Caps

Athletes are always looking for ways to gain an edge. In the past athletes have been tempted by the dark side of supplements and have turned to hugely detrimental compounds such as steroids, but for the most part those days are gone. Instead, athletes are more aware of their bodies and aware that unhealthy supplements get them nowhere athletically and cause great physical harm. In the exploration of natural options, athletes have found that CBD has a variety of beneficial effects. Many athletes have begun to include CBD gel caps in their strict vitamin regimens. CBD interacts directly with both the CB1 and CB2 receptor in the body’s endocannabinoid system and has a variety of effects that athletes have found to be beneficial. CBD gel caps are a great option for athletes interested in utilizing CBD because they can be taken easily with their daily vitamin regimen and they don’t really have to think about it. CBD oil tinctures are another option that achieve essentially the same thing, and are also widely used in the athletic world. We prefer the CBD gel caps simply because we can swallow them easily with the rest of our daily vitamins.

5. CBD Drinks

Ok, these are our favorite way to incorporate CBD into our daily athletic practices. Everyone has that beverage they toss in their gym bag, or guzzle down after a long run. One of the best parts about having a passion for CBD is the incredible amount of ways that CBD companies have presented their products to the athletic community, and of all of these options, CBD drinks are our favorite. There is just something so refreshing about a cold beverage after a long workout, and it’s even better when that icy cold beverage is also a healthy treat for your body.

There are tons of ways to use CBD and the myriad of CBD products to up your game, so we recommend checking it out. CBD has quickly become incredibly popular in the athletic community and for good reason. With so many options for ways to enjoy CBD, and the new things still being discovered about this impressive compound, we are sure that it will be a long lasting part of the athletic community.


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