Promotional Products

Marketing is an important aspect of every business. Brand marketing helps to create awareness about your business. If done right, consumers will want to associate with your business all the time and this is great for both the bottom line and future growth of your business. Marketing of the products and services you’re offering in your business is also crucial as it helps to generate more sales and revenue. No business can survive or grow without marketing its products and services. Most businesses usually allocate a considerable percentage of their revenue towards marketing, and so should you. There are many marketing strategies you can use to market your brand, products and services. However, online marketing and using promotional products procured from the Promotions Warehouse are two of the most effective. 

Why Promotional Products Work

i) People Love Freebies

The main reason why using promotional products work is because consumers naturally love free things. By giving your customers freebies in the form of branded promotional products, you can win their hearts. There are many forms of promo products you can use, so be sure to get a variety of them. You will need to also know how to hand these promo products to customers. Ideally, people who buy the most goods should get the most expensive promotional products and vice versa, but at least everyone should get something. 

ii) People Actually Use Promotional Products

Some of the best types of promo products include; branded umbrellas, t-shirts, mugs, key-rings, quality shopping bags and baseball caps. These are items that consumers can use on a daily basis. Imagine a customer wearing a quality t-shirt bearing your brand name and company logo. Imagine another customer on the other side of town shielding himself from the rain using an umbrella bearing your company name and logo. These are all marketing opportunities money can’t buy. If properly implemented, the use of promotional products to market a product or service can have a huge impact on your success. 

iii) Promotional Products Can be Cheap

The cost of procuring and branding promotional products does not have to be high. Business owners need to find the right supplier and learn how to issue the promo products. The good news is that there is plenty of competition in the industry, so prices are competitive. You only need to do some shopping around before placing your order. As you may already know, ordering a lot of goods in bulk and from the same vendor comes with some advantages, one of them being reduced cost. 

iv) Promo Products Offer a Reason to Buy

Promo products can be looked at as a reward for buying something. This is because they offer value. You spend $16 buying an item and get a promo product valued at $4.50. The fact that the product is branded does not matter as it still performs the intended function. This means that promo products offer value for money and give customers a reason to buy from you. What you will get in return is a chance to convert more customers and generate more revenue. 

Types of Promotional Products

As noted earlier, umbrellas, t-shirts, baseball caps and keyrings are some of the best types of promo products, but there are many others. For instance, you can order calendars and issue them to your customers. Most people don’t have calendars for the new year. Branded water bottles and reusable coffee mugs are also great products to reward loyal customers with. Others include refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers, branded pens and mugs among others. Mouse pads, toys and koozies are also amazing promo products that can endear your brand to the public. Please note that to get the best results with promotional products, you should not do it often. For instance, you can offer promotional products during the first day of business. You can also offer promo products during a special sale, such as a seasonal sale. 

Alternatively, you can decide to make it your company policy to offer promotional products once a year. It may be a good idea to consult experienced marketers if you want to get the best possible results from the marketing campaign. 

The value and type of promo products you give away should be based on the nature of business you are carrying out. If you own a car dealership, giving a keyring as a promo product will not make much sense as the buyer has to spend thousands of dollars to get a freebie worth less than $5. Ideally, the price of the promo product should be proportional to the value for the product or service purchased. 

While it is possible to order promo products from one source and have them branded by another company, it is best to have a single company source the goods and brand them. Fortunately, there are already many full-service promo warehouses that can do the job flawlessly for you. 

Be sure to compare the experiences of the promo warehouses you’ve shortlisted hand in hand with the reputation they have developed in the industry. The prices quoted for the promo products you want should also be compared because you want to get value for money. The quality of those products should also be assessed when comparing prices.