Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe
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If you are looking for a fun and fruity Vegas bomb shot recipe for your next cocktail party then this is what you need to try! Vegas Bomb shot also called a drop shot or Sake bomb is a drink in a shot glass and dropped into another tall glass with a beverage. It can be Red Bull or beer. The resulting explosion resembles a bomb and it’s an excellent way to engage at any party.

Why do we call it a Vegas Bomb shot?

It was first introduced in a bar in Alabama and the original recipe was the same as one we have listed here but the variations might differ from country to country.

How to make a Vegas bomb shot?

To make this cocktail you need the following ingredients;

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The OG Vegas Bomb shot

  • Peach Schnapps – Ten ml
  • Cranberry juice – Ten ml
  • Coconut Rum – Ten ml
  • Crown Royal Whiskey – Ten ml
  • Red Bull – 2/3 can


  • In a large glass, pour in some Red Bull
  • In a shot glass add the other ingredients
  • Now drop the shot glass into the tall glass
  • Enjoy the blast slowly

Variation of the cocktail

There are so many variations of this drink and some of the most common ones are adding sour mix to the shot, it can be anything, an Orange or a pineapple juice. You can make this drink only with Red Bull, so add it to the shot glass. Adding cranberry juice is your preference.

Best whiskey for Vegas Bomb shot recipe

If you are on a budget, then you might not look for top-shelf brands. But a good quality whiskey plays a vital role here, and this is true of this Vegas Bomb shot recipe.

1. Crown Royal Whiskey

Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe
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Choose the Crown Royal whiskey as it is best suited for your budget and palate. This whiskey has caramel, apple, and vanilla and gives you an elegant touch that will not burn your throat.

2. Alberta Premium

Alberta Premium
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Has a note of toffee, spiced banana, and vanilla. The age of this whiskey is at least 5 and made with Canadian Prairie Rye. If you don’t want your Vegas Bomb shot recipe to be over-sweet, then this will be the right choice.

3. Kirkland Canadian Whisky

Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe
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If you are looking for a well–rounded base for your recipe then the Kirkland Canadian whiskey is the perfect choice. It is aged in oak barrels for six years and has a honey hue. The flavor profile is strong with a hint of apple, cream, and caramel.

4. Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack
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Made by one of the world-famous whiskey brands – Jack Daniels. Gentleman Jack is a more mature drink than the regular ones from the brand. This has been mellowed in charcoal twice, creating a flavor that glides smoothly with a hint of sweetness.

5. Forty Creek Barrel Select

This whiskey is aged in barrels and has a strong full–body profile. The drink has a hit of cocoa and honey, its aging process makes this an excellent choice for your Vegas bomb shot recipe.

Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe
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6. Canadian Club

A bright golden color whiskey with sweet, spicy, and zesty notes. This whiskey is not just suitable for Vegas bomb serving but for any occasion.

Canadian Club
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Some of the other cocktails similar to the Vegas bomb shot

Vegas bomb shots will never go out of style and you can keep watching the bomb drop!

These drinks don’t just give you that creative freedom to include and exclude liquors of your choice. You can make a perfect cocktail that suits your preferences and taste. If you want to try something else other than the Vegas bomb shot recipe, then try out;

  • Jager bomb – one of the most common drop–shot drinks is the Jager bomb. You will need Jagermeister and Red Bull. The taste of this drink will be refreshing and tasty.
  • Smurf Bomb – The star ingredient of this cocktail is blue curacao, flavored with citrus peel. Use blue curacao in your shot glass and drop it into the tall glass filled with Red Bull or soda.
  • Apple Bomb – This is one of the creative recipes and you could add the Apple whiskey of your choice with pineapple, and cranberry juice.


Q1. What is a Vegas Bomb shot made of?

The four ingredients in a Vegas Bomb are Whiskey, schnapps, peach, cranberry juice, and red bull.

Q2. When can I serve Vegas Bomb shot?

You can serve this drink for bachelorette parties and parties. Accompany it with some snacks and appetizers to keep the party rolling.

Q3. How to make a frozen Vegas bomb shot?

You can blend the shot with frozen Red Bull ice cubes.

Q4. What is the equipment needed for the Vegas bomb shot recipe?

You will need a shot glass and a pint glass for making a Vegas Bomb shot.

Q5. How do I make a Sake bomb?

Get some sake and drop it in a glass of beer. This is how a sake bomb is made.


Now you know how to make the original Vegas Bomb shot recipe! This recipe lives up to its name! It is for sure an explosion of flavors and fun.