Hearing problems. We rarely hear about them on social networks, blogs, or commercials. Meanwhile, doctors around the world are noting an unpleasant trend. Every year the number of people with hearing loss is growing rapidly, and this problem is gradually getting younger. Today, teenagers and even children are increasingly turning to audiologists for help! The situation is serious and cannot be ignored. At the same time, the number of users of hearing aids and hearing amplifiers is also growing. Are these devices effective against hearing loss? Do they help? The market offers hundreds of options in a wide price range. Which device should I choose? Let’s take a closer look at them to answer these questions!

What are Hearing amplifiers?

First, let’s look at hearing amplifiers. Recently, these devices have become very popular. You can find them in retail stores and online marketplaces. Hearing amplifiers look very similar to hearing aids, only they cost much less, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. Patients faced with hearing loss for the first time often choose them. They visit some online store, order a hearing amplifier and even use it for a while. Of course, they get a negative experience. Economy (low cost) and convenience (online purchase and home delivery) are the main reasons why patients buy these devices without consulting a doctor. In most cases, it only leads to a further decrease in hearing acuity. Why is this happening?

Does a hearing amplifier help with hearing loss?

Do not believe the advertising and captivating promises! Hearing amplifiers do not help with hearing loss, on the contrary, they can cause harm! Hearing amplifiers are simple electronic devices. Their task is to amplify all the surrounding sounds. They really cope well with this task, while also amplifying those sounds that a person hears well anyway. Such behavior creates an additional burden on the entire hearing system, as a result of which hearing continues to deteriorate, even if there were no natural prerequisites for this. Using a sound amplifier can lead to a disorder of the vestibular apparatus, migraines, and other unpleasant symptoms!

A few words about Hearing aids

Hearing aids are sophisticated medical devices that restore the ability to hear. They consist of several components, a processor for sound processing (sometimes several), a speaker, a microphone, and an earbud. The configuration of the hearing aid differs depending on the type of model. Unlike the hearing amplifier, the hearing aid does not amplify all sounds. The device highlights and amplifies the sounds necessary for a particular person, leaving the rest at the same level or drowning them out. Thanks to such an approach, a person hears the surrounding sounds and understands speech and voice. The hearing aid transmits the natural sound of the surrounding world without distortion and deformation. You need to choose the right hearing aid and adjust it, to get the maximum effect.

Remember, you can’t buy medical devices by yourself! The first step to hearing restoration is a consultation with a hearing aid doctor. The specialist will do the necessary diagnostics and determine the degree of hearing loss. Be sure to inform a professional about your habits, hobbies, and desires. The doctor will choose the most suitable hearing aid according to all your requirements and wishes!

Modern hearing aids are stylish electronic devices. They successfully combine digital technologies and the latest design solutions. Only 5-10 years ago, everything was different. The old models were large, uncomfortable, and very conspicuous. Today the situation has changed. The latest models of hearing aids will return you to the world of sounds and communication and emphasize your individual style. These miniature electronic assistants are comfortable and efficient. Choose a model that fits in the auditory canal if you do not want others to know about your hearing loss. The market offers a lot of devices with various functions from different manufacturers, so there will be no problems with the selection.

Which device should I choose?

We have reviewed hearing amplifiers and hearing aids. Which devices should you choose? As you already know, the hearing amplifier is not designed for permanent use. You can use it only in certain situations, for example, at a lecture or in the theater. They are well suited for certain situations when there is a need to amplify the ambient sound. You can’t wear them all day! They are not suitable for people with hearing loss. And most importantly, hearing amplifiers do not restore hearing and sometimes can even cause harm.

Consult with hearing care professional

Do you have hearing loss? Use only hearing aids! You shouldn’t buy and configure devices yourself. Instead, you must consult an audiologist. The doctor will conduct all the necessary research and select suitable hearing aids. Why is everything so complicated? Hearing loss is individual for each person due to the individual characteristics of the disorder and the structure of the hearing organs. Each hearing aid is suitable exclusively for its user! Different types of hearing aids are valid for different degrees of hearing loss. For example, CIC devices are only appropriate for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Their power is not enough for a severe form of hearing loss. Keep in mind that you need to set them up correctly. There is an adaptation period and other factors. Hearing care professional understands these nuances, and as a result, you’ll only benefit. You’ll receive the most effective and convenient devices, plus important information on the use and care of your hearing aids!

Hearing amplifiers and hearing aids are not the same thing, even though they look similar. These electronic devices made for different tasks. Do not believe advertising and promises as the right choice affects your hearing health! Use the proper devices, and enjoy your favorite sounds and voices of your loved ones!