Khalil Mack mentioned his Pro Bowl selection on Friday, and perhaps because he does not deserve to celebrate in a disappointing season.

Mac, who hates talking to the media and has closed his open locker-room session for the past few weeks, was quieter than usual when asked about voting for the fifth consecutive year.

“Next question,” he said.

Fine. But is he going to play in it?

“Next question,” he repeated.

When he was pressurized as to why he did not want to talk about it, he replied, “What to talk about?” Hey man, the next question. “

Bears star Khalil Mack censures his season: 'Unquestionably wasn't what I needed'
Bears star Khalil Mack censures his season: ‘Unquestionably wasn’t what I needed’

Mack made the team despite having the worst statistical season since his batting year. The man with a $ 141 million contract is 29th in the NFL with 7.5 sacks.

While coaches and teammates have defended Mack’s contributions by saying that the numbers don’t tell the whole story, especially since he doesn’t record any figures against Ram and has alone faced against the Packers, he has been through his season. Was dissatisfied.

“It’s tough,” Mac said. “I’m a strict critic, especially on myself. It certainly wasn’t what I wanted to put on film all year. But that’s it now.”

This feeling can spread throughout the rescue.

Coach Matt Negi praised the group and said it was definitely better than the team’s suggested record of 7-7. It was not a tremendous force last season, when it led the NFL with 36 takeaways, but finished eighth in the Byers Yards and third in opponent scoring.

They are number 6 against the run and number 13 against the pass, which should have been quite good. He was undermined under one of the league’s worst offenses.

“The scoring was not where the offense needed to help sustain on a low field,” Nagy said.
But this will not make Mac any better. Competition for a championship matters the most at this level, and the Bears are not even close.

“The only thing you can really count on is getting to the playoffs,” Mack said.